Girl with Dreamcatcher Tattoo Catches Bullets Instead

A woman who was found shot dead in Nova Iguaçu, a municipality in the state of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, on April 14th. Ok, so that was her first mistake. Rio de Janerio is one of the most violent places on earth along with Caruaru. Not just in Brazil, but worldwide based on population and number of murders committed.

Anyway, the girl with the cool dreamcatcher tattoo was identified as Alicia Victória. She was shot in the head and left in an area known locally as “The Chimney”. authorities have not yet identified her killer or killers nor the motive for the murder.

Girls always look so much different from their selfies than they do lying in a pool of blood. I guess if you want to know what your girl really looks like you should check her out in the harsh light of Death. 🤷

Thanks to @mrspink!

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  1. Ok, maybe it’s my horrible eyesight but the blood on her chin (that is blood right?) does it look oddly uniform – I mean like maybe something was over her mouth that they peeled off after? Like it seems to pretty much skip her lips and then encircle her chin/lower half of her face perfectly. Am I crazy or seeing things?

    • Hey Girl,
      My God,,, she is so incredibly cute your little munchkin, with that full, and dark head of hair. Looks like there is no such thing as being follically-challenged in your families genes, lol. Man-O-Man,,, It’s been so long since mine were this young, making me realize how incredibly quickly time passes by. Congrats on your new Bundle of joy, 🙂

        • Hi Hun,
          I have been ok i guess, just getting older, or (An Old Man Now) But i too have missed your witty comments, and great sense of humor girl.:)
          I am so happy, and incredibly grateful to all the R G Staff for allowing me this opportunity in having this second chance to come back, and hopefully make-up for my past bullshit, and all my shortcoming when i was a confused, and angry ugly human back then.

          But, my God,,, i have to say it again,,, She Is So Cute Man,,, My Wife last night could not stop looking at her while we both reminisced, and had smiles on both our faces from ear to ear.
          You must be so incredibly proud Mom. But please tell me,,, How many is that, and do you plan on having more? Cause i have 4 boys, a girl, and one stepdaughter. And, (get this, lol),,, 5 Grand-Kids Man, 5,, lol, Me Old Eh? lol. ha, ha!

          We Simply Adore Kids, Oh Yea,,, And The Wife, & I Will babysit her Anytime,mmm-k??? lol. I Could just see her now, like my kids use to do after i gave them a bath, as i would lie their bare belly’s on my bare Belly/Chest, and man, lol, their Powerful Little Hands Grip,, it would literally rip the hair off my chest, lol,

          Especially when i would yell Ooouuuchh!, cause My Baby Son Matt My Now Eldest Son at 34, would laugh-out So Loud, and Hardy, lol, lol, that my Wife and I would Cry, as we laughed so hard. Then,,, he would Twist, and almost pull off my nipple lil Dude,,, and Ooouuuch, lol, the process sometimes when on for an hour, until once,,, he puked his Milk from Laughing So Hard, & much,,, (All over my face, neck, chest), Man,, Like,,, All Over, & Everywhere.

          And when he heard me say Ugh,,, while my wife ran to get a wash cloth,,, little bugger started laughing again, at my Aww-Gross, lol, (Go Figure). Could you believe that i just got Watery Eyes Big-Time, lol, just from recounting this?? It was cause i could hear Matthew my eldest with his cute laugh at about 4 months old laughing that Super Cute & Hardy Baby Laugh, while i yelled Ouuuuch! Awww,,,Man,,,

          It still freaks me out sometimes, especially when looking at your little bundle of Joy Last Evening My Wife, And Realizing just how they so quickly they grow, that it brought me close to tears 🙂 And,,, i am so sorry for the long message, but this got me all exited, as i always do when i see a cute little one as yours! lol.

          🙂 So Congrats, Mom 🙂
          For This Little Miracle, of Having Such A Cute & Healthy Girl! 🙂


          • Many thanks @thedreman
            She’s my last..she was my 19th pregnancy,my 3rd rainbow,but only my 2nd take home baby,if that make sense? Way back when we met on bg,my 2nd rainbow,or my son Silas, had just passed away. He was my 15th pregnancy,and the reason we all met!…I’ve had a lot of loss,as you can see…Patricia was a complete surprise,as i was told that pregnancy and my conditions,are just not compatible with life,which obviously isn’t true,we’re still here! I gave up on the idea of having another child because of these warnings. I have an almost 14yr old,and now an 11week old,as of today…Yeesh,the time does fly yo! I love reading your story though,i don’t have hair on my chest,but I’ve been doused in spit up..And had a handful of hair from my head ripped out by Patricia now…i have enough to spare though..😉
            One day if i make it to your part of the world,maybe your wife,you,and i could meet up,and you can meet my rainbow!..Id love a break,and I may just take y’all up on that offer..😉😉

            For those of you who don’t know what a rainbow baby is..
            After every storm,once the rain clears up and the sun comes out,there comes a rainbow. With child/pregnancy loss,we call that the storm. When you become pregnant,and are finally able to have a thb (take home baby), we call those children rainbows…

            I’m just so happy to finally have another child,that’s made it!

            Thank you so much for caring dre..tell your wife i say thank you as well brother?..❤

            Ps. You actually share the same name as my younger brother,he was also an i miss him so much…💔

          • O.M.G. Girl,,, You have been through so much heart-Ache through all of your Pregnancies, and I Don’t want to say the other word, 🙁 God-Bless YOU &Your little Rainbow as this will surely help you cope with it! So with you letting your time of mourning pass, these storms will also come to finally also pass. 🙁 And with this being said,,,,The Time has now come for You’s,,, To Enjoy Your Many Many Days In The Sun! 🙂 🙂

            P.S. If you ever do decide to come to Ottawa, pls. do hit me up, as you would have a great time, and no worries, as we would have a great time, along with great chats!
            Andre, & Cathy.

          • Many thanks you guys, I will definitely take you up on that offer!! Yeah,the fucked up thing about loss @thedreman is that no matter how many more children i may or may not have,they don’t replace Silas,or the hole in my heart,that his loss created.. You and your wife are very VERY sweet,thank you very much for the heartfelt responses..I truly appreciate them all! ❤

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