Mother Holds Little Asian Boy That Lost His Leg

I think this might be China but I’m not sure. A mother is holding her child who was just run over by a big ass truck. The little boy is missing his leg and seems to be conscious. I don’t know what she’s doing just walking around instead of getting the kid to a hospital, but you can see her picking up pieces of his leg. Maybe she’s looking for the missing leg? Poor little guy though. Ain’t no reattaching that.

ALSO: I updated the shark attack post with some photos.

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22 thoughts on “Mother Holds Little Asian Boy That Lost His Leg

  1. It seems the mother has been struck dumb by shock and not knowing what to do? Find the leg? Run to hospital? Which?

    I read military books-not ever having been in battle and have heard that many soldiers in Normandy had their legs blown off and they would still sit there in shock /terror trying to find or reattach their leg.

    Very sad for any parent but particularly bad for the boy!

    • Do you hear what must have most certainly been The Truck Driver Getting A Complete Verbal Beat-Down, & an Ape-Shit-Kicking, from what i’m sure was just a short Pesci little fucker, lol, fuck man,,,me-kungfu-fuk-ya-Yama,-tara- bbeby-caca,-too-cocka-suka-you-mada -fucka,,lol, He even gave (Joe Pesci in Casino) a good run for his money, lol. šŸ™‚
      Too Fucking Funny Man! But not for that poor lil munchkin though.

        • Yea,,, not bad eh, lol, it came to me when i pictured this little Dude yelling is fucken head-off. And you’re right man, as *Casino* is a Superb Classic Movie, along with *Goodfellows* 2 of my all time
          Favorites, & Best Movie Pics.

          Did you know *Goodfellows* & *Casino* were actually Both Produced by Barbara Da-Fina, and not Martin Scorsese? ? She Barbara was his Wife at the time, & Martin *Only* Directed these 2 Movie Greats,,, Shocking eh Bud??? I just now, found this out when looking-up Scorsese’s Name ffs,, lol,,as I Just could Not remember it if my depended on it, cause of my severe Memory-Loss, & All.

          Kudos, & Major Props to Barbara, as she was Brilliant šŸ™‚

          • @thedreman I vaguely recall that. But you’re right. I love both of those classic movies. They are especially interesting because they are based on actual events. Of, course there are some differences in it bit great movies nonetheless.

      • You madafuka you! Charlie M Charlie M!
        I got your head in a vice! For fukin Charlie M!
        You stooped Mudafuka you!
        Ha I love that part from Casino.
        That and the Coup De Gras Of Nicki.

        You mudafuka! You piece of shhit!
        Keep him here!
        Then they beat the crap out of Bats.
        Pistol whip the living day lights out of him.
        Always wanted to do that to someone.

        Once Upon A Time IN America.
        Or with the level of degradation.
        The IQ of this Country has gone Through.
        It’s Once upon a time in Merica.
        That to me is the best gangster movie.

    • Did you see how half way through the Video, this stupid fuck-wad decided to point out to Mom where the crushed leg, or more pieces of bones are, does he work for The City, and Just Making Sure That she cleans-up her mess, or wtf??? Like,,, instead of grabbing them both and running to his Car for a rip to the Hospital??? He’s like Awww sooo, here me finds more bones for ya,,, yep, right there Mom. While she (all of a sudden), completely stops whaling, and Smiles,,, yep,, Smiles while gently bowing to this retarded man, complete with a Big-Ass Smile as if he just fed her what only tourists can, & very rarely see,,, A Three Incher,,, uhh Wide i mean,, and thanks him, like What The Actual-Fuck is that, man?? Just all kinds of wrong going-on in that shit-hole called CHINA,,,
      they don’t call them,, **The Yellow-Race** for nothing man,, cause they truly are just, weird fucking people too busy fighting with a broom (true this) than to help-out!!! šŸ™

  2. Nothing a little super glue can’t fix šŸ˜€šŸ‘
    ……. ok A LOT of super glue, but it’ll look good as new but purely cosmetic… well until it starts to rot ā˜¹

  3. Man, i hate when little Dudes or Dudesses get Injured, or killed cause with myself having 5 Grandchildren of my own,,, it is quite discerning to say the least! Your Write on the money @YourNextExGirl when you say that it’s probably in China.

    #1- Because how many times in the past have we seen kids getting run over by vehicles driven by drivers who’s eyes are just so completely, and Utterly Shut, that it amazes me that they can even make it out of their driveways to begin with!

    #2- And whenever a tragedy like this happens in China, most of these heartless fucks just gawk, and continue on there Merry-Ways,,, instead of helping-out, and like attaching A Tourniquet to the Poor Little Dude’s Stump, or getting him out of there, and to the Hospital, and like do so Supper Fast ffs! šŸ™

    • Your *right* not *write* lol, is what i meant to type, Darn Qualudes,,, Duhhh. šŸ˜‰

      B.T.W. I Just love that New Bottom Right “Red Arrow” that shoots you up even faster than The Enterprise Itself,,, Beam Me Up @nextie lol.

  4. She and anyone arround her can consider that as her first and last warning though… šŸ˜€ Let your child into the wild, and it might never return. She got lucky it was only his leg though… next time it can be his head, at least, if not the whole body.

  5. If I were that kid, if be like “quit rubbing shit against my stump you dumbass bitch!”

    These people are who we say are from “dai lok” aka “mainland China” aka “the farm”. One of their qualities is that they think volume equals power. That’s why they’re always shouting like fucking monkies. They’re also known for being rude, cheap and low class. When they see shit like this, they gawk instead of being helpful. And needles to say, they’re the worse drivers in the world. I would ride shotty with my dog driving before I let one of these fuckers DWA me.

    Chinese people are so fucking embarrassing sometimes. I can say that because I’m Chinese… but I’m as American as a Chinese person can be! Burt I grew up around time of dai lok people so I’m familiar with their bullshit.

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