Woman Killed By Ex-Boyfriend On Facebook Live in Louisiana

No visual gore in this one, but sometimes hearing shit is just as bad. Sorry I’m late with this one guys. I was busy all weekend riding rides and gaining 10lbs from all the food booths at my town fair. Thursday morning, April 12, 2018.. Jonathan Robinson, 36, busted into his ex-girlfriend, Rannita Williams’ home in Shreveport, Louisiana.. and took her hostage. He forced her to get on Facebook Live and apologize to another woman, saying in the video, “Now apologize bitch.” He threatens her throughout the video yelling, “Wanna be famous? I’ll make you fucking famous.” The woman is noticeably worried and sweating and replying to comments she sees on the live stream. Robinson walks away and opens the door to the house saying, “I don’t give a fuck about police, you hear.” During the broadcast police had apparently pulled up outside. Six shots are fired and the woman begs him to stop. He then shoots Rannita and the phone falls to the floor. Robinson walks over Rannita’s body and grabs the phone but not without a little coward bitch ass “Now bitch.. game over.” comment. The stream then ends. Robinson was arrested and Rannita was taken to the hospital but declared dead on arrival. She had three children and was in another relationship.

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28 thoughts on “Woman Killed By Ex-Boyfriend On Facebook Live in Louisiana

  1. Bitch shouldn’t have stuck her nose where it didn’t belong in the first place,then that nigga wouldn’t have been at her spot,demanding her to do this video…too bad we couldn’t see her get plugged,bet it was bloody! However,though igaff bout HER,i fucking hope her kids didn’t have to watch this shit happen..

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