Shark Attack in Brazil

A man at a beach in Brazil was attacked by a shark a few days ago. I’m not sure what the man was doing when the shark bit onto him but he got a big chunk out of that leg. The shark also took a big bite out of the man’s arm as well. No info on if he ended up bleeding out or if he survived and will have some awesome scars to show for it.

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27 thoughts on “Shark Attack in Brazil

  1. Hey @obli
    Hope that all has been good with You, & Yours my Man! πŸ™‚
    This must have been a great White, or a Tiger shark to have bitten-off such large chunks off of him. He might have survived if they got those makeshift Tourniquets on quickly! Either way,,, great video brother,

      • “A whaaat?” @re-pete

        The bite radius isn’t very large…. probably belongs to a 4 or 5 foot shark. So basically this guy’s a lil bitch, but the fact that it bit him twice means he liked the taste of Brazilian meat and wasn’t just the typical exploratory bite. The man will likely survive but unfortunately there will now be an increase in shark attacks that occur in those waters since it has been well documented that this particular species of shark is known to spread the word to his buddies that the local cuisine is tasty and good for a light snack. The two bites may ALSO be indicative of the notorious “two sharks on a bike” that roam these hostile Brazilian waters in search of an easy mark.

        Just kidding….I don’t know shit about sharks, just whatever I learn from shark week πŸ˜‰
        Thanks @yournextexobli

    • A factof every life where i come from. We have a great beach culture and i was a Beach Baby.unfortunately, God ensured the climate is ideal for Black people so because the population is mostly white we have the world’s highest rates of terminal skin cancer. Think of all the hot blonde redheaded Hollywood starlets frazzled and looking like leather by forty! We also have the hole in the ozone layer above us!

      If you have seen it ,it skin cancer is horrible to even survive it as the docs cut out whole parts of your face. Most people then wish they were dead and fall into depression!

      Anyway, we are very used to sharks. That is why we have constant helicopter patrols and lots of lifeguards wearing speedos and coloured girl -style bikini briefs! Haha!
      So we all swim and are vigilant and even small kids know what to look for! Once you hear the siren or megaphone we all run back towards the shore!

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