Nasty Ear Wax Removal

Nasty Ear Wax Removal

I feel there hasn’t been an ear cleaning video in a while so today is the perfect day to get grossed out. The person in the video has a severely blocked ear canal from hardened built up wax. The doctor starts by using a loop tip to remove the larger chunks of ear wax. He then goes in with a suction device to go after the wax that is deeper inside the canal. Once all of the wax, debris and dead skin is removed there is also a thin layer over the actual eardrum. The eardrum itself is bulging profusely and at this point the procedure is stopped as there is concern that it could explode at any time and they did not want to risk messing with the ear anymore. The patient will hopefully see an ENT who can help reduce the fluid in the eardrum and get rid of the infection. If you are like me and use Q-tips in your ears be sure that you’re not pushing them in too far as that will definitely cause built up wax. Just a simple swipe towards the outside should do. I know I shouldn’t use them at all but I feel gross if I don’t.

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44 thoughts on “Nasty Ear Wax Removal

  1. I stopped using q tips years ago when my ent surgeon said they are a danger. I visit my doc and they remove it with warm water with a contraption like a teapot. Not suction.

    Of course ,if you have wet waxy ear wax you will have more ear problems. Those of us with dry flaky ear wax have it easier!

  2. Always wanted to try that ear candling technique…but there’s so much debate on whether it’s real or bull. I definitely don’t want to fuck up my ear canals.
    Shit, we have eye Docs, and foot docs,and like dentists there should be a Doctor or specialist people can go to for just a safe deep ear cleaning every so often like every couple years or so.

    • It works!!! My dad performed it on various people who would visit us for treatment. He learned it from my grandpa. However, my dad would use mch larger ear candles.

      We would make them together. Melt wax in a saucer. Get flanellete or cotton rag about the size of a spread -out napkin. Swirl it around in the molten wax till fully impregnated and take out and allow to set in a flat conformation. Roll into a cone shape.

      Now comes dangerous part! Lie person on the lawn ,stick wax cone into their ear. Then cover persons head with a wet towel so it keeps cone in ear snugly and leaves no unprotected skin. Then light the outermost edge of cone whilst it sticks up vertically !
      Let it burn down slowly till it is three quarterscburnt but not burning the patient in any way. Then when three quarters burnt fling it off persons ear with tongs or a stick.

      Let candle cone set and cool. Unroll! There will be tons of earwax in there which you did not feel was even there! Where was i as a child when all this was happening? I was bucket- boy!!
      Holding a bucket or pale of water so that i could fling it on the patient if the cone slipped and fell and burned patient!

      You think s and m sex needs trust??? You try ear – candling! Your life is in my dads and my child’s hands and they loved him and trusted him!



      P.s any reader out there that does this and takes the us and the world by storm i expect you to track me down and pay us an honourable royalty. Afterall , it is the AmericanWay but im not in America so you need to send it over here!πŸ˜‰

      • @hopingfornemesis My, that certainly is interesting. Nothing on your Pops, sounds like he was plenty experienced, but damn that sounds risky where someone needs to standby with a dousing bucket! πŸ˜‰ I have family that would rather go to one of those home healers or clandestine massage therapists rather than seeing a regular doctor, they just don’t trust ’em, although they spend more money on someone with no certification. For me, I’m a real chickenshit when it comes to sticking anything of a medical nature in me, just to be safe, I’ll leave it to the professionals πŸ™‚

          • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman @hopingfornemesis
            My grandma would do a similar thing but not as complicated. Just a simple rolled up newspaper cone. No wax involved except the stuff already in your ear πŸ˜‚….I remember a puff of smoke would come out as the wax melted from the heat and cleared the canal… or so she said. All I know is it felt good πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
            But it is kinda scary when that heat starts getting closer and closer πŸ˜‚

          • Good man. Exactly same principle of heat causing air to rise thus creating a slow vacuum that would suck out wax. My only fear is thay newspaper may burn to quickly? Whereas wax lended rigidity to the cone and a slower more controlled burn?

            Your grandma was clever and you and i have something in common other that watching gore!

  3. I got a massive ear infection that spread to my brain. Had I waited another 24-48 hours, it would have ended with a life insurance claim.

    My ENT told me it was most likely caused by using Q-tips causing a scratch inside my ear and that’s how it started. It got so bad because I was being called a pussy by co-workers so I just let it ride. Funny thing is that every time I don’t feel well, they tell me to go to the ER. That copay is outrageous!

  4. @littlefoot I know using qtips are not the best thing to use. And, I also know that it can and will build wax… But, I’m weak! Cos when I start swirling that cotton tip in my ear… eyes half close, toes curl and total submission! I can’t help myself. Do you have any psychological advice? 😁

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