Body of Missing Man Found Decapitated

A man who had been missing for three days was found decapitated in the woods in Quixeramobim, state of Ceará, Brazil. Interestingly, his head seems to be decaying at a much faster rate than his body. The head is all green and bloated but the body looks relatively fresh aside from the injuries that were inflicted on it. Weird.

Thanks, Pinky.

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23 thoughts on “Body of Missing Man Found Decapitated

  1. Heads can go fast. There’s a place, in Oklahoma I believe, where they process skulls and skeletons for sale to schools and universities. The skulls are often put in a tank of maggots, which consume all the soft tissue within hours. Then they submerge it in hydrogen peroxide to neutralize bacteria and pathogens, as well as finish off what the maggotts didn’t. Your head is a banquet to the maggot community.

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