Young Mother Executed In Front Of Her Daughter

I don’t have any info on this other than it’s from Venezuela. A young mother was executed in front of her daughter. I don’t have her name or age but she looks pretty young. I guess we can safely assume she was involved in some kind of criminal activities that caused her to end up in this situation, but it’s still sad as hell for the little girl. She screams for her mother after she watches her being shot multiple times. Poor kid. I’m sure she’s fucked up for life now. Or maybe she’ll go all Colombiana on the killers one day.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

UPDATE: Apparently the woman in the video reported the criminals in the neighborhood to police, and that’s why she was killed.

32 thoughts on “Young Mother Executed In Front Of Her Daughter

  1. So fucking sad! Do we really know it is criminal payback? I reckon it is just a jilted husband who has got his ex offed out of anger!
    The woman was brave ,she walked out with them and even shut the door to prevent her daughter having to witness the horrible event.

    I agree nextie, she will be wearing the sicario’s balls for earrings before she hits twenty! Good on her!

    • Agreed! I could never understand how Anybody could be so cruel, and Evil to do such a thing. I Mean Murder is one thing, and “bad enough” to begin with, but to have a choice between doing it in front of a child, or not, is a whole other ball of wax,,, Sad Man! ๐Ÿ™

      • Lolz,you’re cute! I used to slang,AND use, alot of drugs back in the day…At one point,i kinda took over the dope game, in the town i resided in..I lived in constant fear of some sort of retaliation against me,because i ALWAYS step on niggas toes..Gotta show them whose an alphabitch,when running a mans world, and because of all the meth i was using,sure that didn’t help my paranoia…Anywho,I’m sober now,so Trisha doesn’t have to worry about any of that shit..though i miss the money!

        Also,the update on this post,is she was killed for being a snitch… In school,we used to say,snitches get stitches. Well, in the hood,the saying was snitches get ditches. For obvious reasons! โค

  2. I could not do it, i watched until Mom was led off the bed, and started down the hallway. Poor Little Girl Man, people are so sick man, God only knows what Mom even did, or did not do, to deserve such a fate, but no matter what don,t do it in front of the kid. The Older i get, the more of a wimp, i am becoming, lol.

  3. Nuke venezuela… Problem solved. Sometimes to get rid of villany, you have to be a greater villain to make good, even if this means sacrifficing a bunch of innocent lives. The world would know better to follow. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And how the fuck did those waste of oxygen knew she reported them anyways?

  4. They were telling her to step outside for a brief moment so they could question her, then they say they want to take her picture, then bam bam bam.
    Seriously, what was the point of all that ridiculousness? Why bother with lying and even bringing her outside to kill her? Even if she hadn’t fallen back inside, they wouldn’t have spared the daughter any suffering. It’s not like she wouldn’t have heard the shots and come out to check on her mom. You’re fucking murderers! And shitty ones at that! Just do your fucking job and spare us your pathetic attempts at appearing respectful and caring. I’d rather have my life snuffed out by a ruthless professional hitman than these worthless fucks. Fucking pussies. ๐Ÿ™„

  5. It looked to me like the old woman in the background was the one who closed the door. She was fixing her hair one second and the next she was at the door. But then she was gone when the shooting started. I have a feeling she knew what was about to happen.

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