Pakistani Folk Singer Shot Dead While Performing For Refusing To Dance

Samina Sindhu, a Pakistani folk singer was shot dead Tuesday night in a village near Larkana, Pakistan. A man identified as Tariq Jatoi was the shooter. He apparently shot Samina for refusing to dance as she sang. Um, okay? But look at them dudes makin’ it rain on her. Samina was pronounced dead at a local hospital. She was also pregnant.

17 thoughts on “Pakistani Folk Singer Shot Dead While Performing For Refusing To Dance

  1. Same old story. Advocates of the religion of pieces demonstrating their take on relations between the sexes!

    We should be thankful it is not a dancing prancing “teaboy” whose asshole is abused by Uncle Sam’s favoured ” freedom fighters” in afghan land!

  2. I’m not trying to correct anyone whatsoever but I heard about this somewhere else and it wasn’t because she refused to dance, it was because the guy demanded she stand up and sing rather than sit but having been so heavily pregnant she was having a hard time doing so. From what I understand it was a “respect” thing but I have no idea. I could be wrong too. Either way, it’s just f-n crazy. I personally want to kill someone when my seats suck at a concert.

  3. Weird Races These Sheeple-Herding People. There the Paks-Mans, They Shoot You for not doing any Indoor Floor Dancing,,,
    And Yet,,, In Syria, or The Whole Middle East For That Matter,,, They Shoot You Outdoors, While watching you Pavement Break-Dancing sKILLs,, Oh, The Irony!!!

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