Soccer Player Dies During Game After Being Hit In Chest

Nobody kill me for saying soccer instead of football, please. Croatian player, Bruno Boban, 25, collapsed during a match against Slavonija Pozega on Saturday, March 24, 2018.. when he took a direct hit to the chest with the ball. Only 15 minutes into the game, Bruno was hit at close range by the ball but seemed to be ok, a couple moments later he collapsed. Medics tried for 40 minutes to revive him but could not. His official cause of death has not yet been released but I am sure cause of death will be commotio cordis, which is a disruption to the rhythm of the heart by an external impact.. sending it into sudden cardiac arrest and is usually fatal.

33 thoughts on “Soccer Player Dies During Game After Being Hit In Chest

  1. What makes it even worse is that it was a pass that probably should not have been made. Those defenders were all over his teammate.
    Then again, there’s no time to think in that situation.

  2. Obviously I don’t speak the lingo but I did pick up one word from it and that was ‘aneurisme” which I would presume is aneurism. If so, I would say that’s what killed him.

    The aneurism comment comes at 44 seconds on the video.

  3. Back in the 1970s and early ’80s, if a Doctor or Medic witnessed a cardiac arrest, they could use their fist to hit the chest wall above the heart to try to re establish a regular heart rhythm. Wouldn’t work for a cardiac occlusion, but an arrhythmia could sometimes be reversed from the shock of the impact on the vagus nerves regulating the cardiac rhythm. Guess the “witness” part had to do with if a person just suddenly goes down without any prior warning, it is likely an arrhythmia. Law suits did away with this practice.

  4. Weak hearted ,weak chested he should have been out on the field playing soccer wearing his body armor.
    A quarter of an hour playing pigskin sport and he takes a toe shot and collapses
    Vital minutes were wasted on the field itself This guy would still be playing his beloved sport if it hadn’t been for the medics thumping pumping resuscitating him instead of rushing him straight to a nearby hospital facility ,wasting precious time when every second had mattered for the man whose life hung in balance between life and death.

  5. On the basis of that one word i would also say it is aneurism. In serbo croatian aneurism is called aneurizma . That is what i heard as well.
    Arhthymia. I know i spelt it wrongly! Is aritmija or something like that. I did not hear that word.

    @yournextexgirl may speak serbo- croatian fluently. I do not but that is my take for what it is worth.

  6. Haha! You made me laugh girlfriend! It has been a very long time since i have said those words! I learned them off my Yugoslav friends! Yes ….back when there was a Yugoslavia and i have probably used Serb or “macedo” dialect! Haha but i still do have serb and croat friends so next time i catch up i will ask them a few good things to say to you. All polite of courseπŸ˜‚

    I never doubted it was a heartattack. I have seen similar on doco “1000 ways to die”. I was only commenting on what the word was.
    See you next time yournextgirlfriend!πŸ’‹

    And that was a chaste ,hello, pleased to meet you kiss on both cheeks , you know …european-style. I dont want you thinking ill of me.


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