Toasted Marshmallow Man Found Inside Vehicle

A car caught fire under an overpass, torching the driver. The flames consumed him and he was unable to escape the vehicle. By the time authorities arrived and the fire was put out, the man had been killed, turned into what looks like a toasty marshmallow man. No other injuries were reported. Authorities do not yet have a cause for the blaze and the victim’s identity has not been released.

Thanks to @mrspink.

23 thoughts on “Toasted Marshmallow Man Found Inside Vehicle

  1. One thing that can cause death in these types of fires is breathing in the flames themselves or the intense hot gases from them. This melts lung tissue and the victim drowns in the fluid. I learned this from forensics with respect to folks burned at the stake back in the day. Those people were dead long before the fires consumed the flesh.

  2. Getting torched was one thing but what a joy it is to have fallen asleep never to be awakened up . Which means no daily grind no errands to run , no more chores for me .
    Hey this is a posture I simply adore and to fuck with the four wheeler .That fire has healed me inside out . Well my lips are partly sealed but wait a sec they call me a marshmallow man and I like it ,like it but I used to go with the name ,”Afolabi” πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ί

    • @re-pete When you have your marshmallows all you need to do is find a burning car with people in it and you will be all set.

      Hey you can use those legs from the other guy ‘the one that had them cut off’ and stick the marshmallows between the toes to roast them too. sound kind of fun can I join ya?

    • Alternatively @re-pete how about a convertible ?? where you can have each of the seats as water filled tubs for Driver and the passengers to sit in to and get ’em to bathe until the journey lasts and like ya said sprinklers installed overhead just in case the tub water is emptied out while some odd passenger tries splashing it all over .
      For a break though marshmallows should do but make sure ya buy them all nutty.

  3. I don’t get how this happened. The car doesn’t seem totaled. Maybe he blacked out while driving…? Regardless, what a horrific way to die. Imagine the pain when we get a minor sunburn. Now imagine that times 100 which is what he felt. I don’t think aloe will help in his case.

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