Mexican Man Is Dismembered While Alive

The Mexicans are back at it again. This time they’re dismembering a man while he is alive and aware of everything happening. The video shows a badly beaten man with a chain around his neck. The killers are a little too excited to get started butchering this guy. They cut off the first leg while the man screams in pain. The masked man hits the victim with his own severed leg the throws it on top of him. They sever the other leg and both arms, all the while the victim feels every moment. The two men hit him several times with his severed leg like it was a baseball bat. Shits gettin real in taco town again.

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  1. Even though these cartels go in for dismemberments ,shootings ,killings or rapes of the rival gang members but then who gives a fuck as the rivals or the ones that rule the roost thrive on drugs and drugs alone. They will continue to soak and bask in where the money is big notwithstanding dangers around;; even though the horrors they may be well aware of and which they may face , a thought that is never shrugged away .
    None from the rival gang will sit up a take a note of this episode as its a common place happenstance
    They all are hard skinned ,brutality is inherent in them and are used to living life on the edge.
    Back to rewind as it was another day with ,another haul & with another someone gone &; Another someone is given to eat the dust .

          • I agree with undead. I am a newbie but you are showing a little too much enjoyment at other people’s suffering.

            I know you have veteran friends here that love you and support you and that you will tell me to get fucked .I can live with that.

            Sheesh!! What a sick world we live in!

          • Likewise you superannuated officious deadhand.i regret ever engaging you in your moments of need you hypocrite .

            When i needed you,you were nowhere to be seen.

            I suggest you cease your barking at me you toothess junk -yard dog. I have had tougher guys than you for breakfast.

            As you have been told do not even look in my direction. And fucking learn to read or some clear thinking you champion- of -the downtrodden.

            I have already reported you to the admins.

        • That was uncalled for. You don’t know sick then, just read around. I make comments like that all the time and don’t wish any ill will on anybody except rapists, murderers and child molesters. I put myself in the place of Pedro gettin’ his head chainsawed off while Pepe looks on, or the senoras getting hatched in the jungle or this hombre getting his legs cut off while alive. It would be horrible to endure something like that, but it hasn’t so I will be a voyeur and await my turn to die.

        • No one comes on these sites and feels offended fuck at least own it like @ladybug!!! It’s a bit rich to be a member on multiple gore sites and then condemn people for enjoying the gore! I mean what else are we here for?

          • Thanks hfale. I never remember you ENJOYING other people’s pain from your posts equestrienne. That is a new one.

            As for being on multiple sites ,yes I am . I have no problems with looking at people’s gore. My problem is OVERLY enjoying their turmoil. There is a difference. Let us compare apples with apples hey?

            Lets us look at the post.
            Carol Ladybug
            on March 19, 2018 at 7:05 am said:
            @blucon Thanks, its nice to be back, I do really enjoy watching blood and guts and pain and suffering, not that I want to ever experience any of that done to myself (call me selfish but I hate to feel pain and see my own blood) but watching others on videos I do enjoy.
            My new life awaits me in a far away land of opportunity :- )

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            Note “enjoy pain and suffering” but not the poster’s pain and suffering.

            Now maybe most here are sadists. I will find out over time,wont I. Maybe there are others that feel like me but are afraid to speak up? I do not know.

            Thanks for not replying to my other posts but feeling the need to point out my “naivety ” and lack of toughness here.

          • P.S. i thought you watched gore sites to help you with safety, hfale. Was i wrong or did you change ?

            Also if you have a concern with what i say maybe you could pm me first next time.


          • You never remember me enjoying it because I never expressed any opinion? Also I wasn’t calling you naïve, more like a hypocrite. You’re on here for the gore (I assume, unless you are here for something else!?) So who are you to decide how much she is allowed to enjoy the gore? And I’m commenting on this post not another. Sorry you’re offended at my choice of posts to reply to but I didn’t see any others that I had an opinion on

          • Actually you did express an opinion hfale and that was the reason you gave to me at the time.

            I was just being polite when i said i may be wrong or that you had changed.

            As for why i am on here you know very well what i said at the time. The reasons were similar to yours.

            You can pm me or not. I am fine either way. Why pm me? Because as a friend i thought that you would speak to me privately if you had a problem with my views.

            I will not be debating with you anymore on this topic in non – pm comms , hfale. I do not indulge in flaming as you know.

            I vacate the field. Say what you want ,you can have last word. Good on you.

            As for ladybug she is welcome to speak to me further if she wishes. This site was built for freedom of expression. She said something as i did to. We can have diff opinions on things and still be friends just as i am with ipconfig and the luvmuscle.

          • I’m with you and @ladybug on this @hfale

            For any member to criticise someone for watching and enjoying gore is a sign of mainstream brainwashing. Sites like RGM have been set up to remove any kind of censorship and to complain about someone posting about enjoying gore means that you are trying to censor their opinions. That is hypocrisy at its finest. Whether someone enjoys gore or just watches it to enlighten themselves as to what is going on in the world is irrelevant. Everyone is free to dislike the fact that someone enjoys gore but not to pronounce judgement because that is hypocrisy.

            We all have our ‘favourite’ kind of vid on here and some of us have certain kinds of videos we won’t watch. My dislike are broken bone vids. I’ve finally got used to beheadings but to watch a skateboarder fall over and snap his arm…ugh! Gives me the creeps but I done condemn anyone who enjoys watching a dickhead on wheels busting himself up.

          • Well, well ,well. Aren’t the knives out today!
            A certain member who keeps wandering under different personas has commented .

            Well,once again rg member ,READ what i said . I said OVERLY LIKING the pain and suffering of others, i do not like,not what vids she watches or liking the watching the gore.i also like watching gore. Let us compare apples with apples.

            As for hypocrisy let us not go there.what do you say?

          • Please look at my post and see who I tagged. Contact from you is neither needed nor wanted.

          • “I know you have veteran friends here that love you and support you and that you will tell me to get fucked .I can live with that.”…………. Is this you living with it lol

          • @hfale
            True, we’re all here at the expensive of other’s sufferings/misfortunes.

            Sometimes I feel guilty whenever there are new posts because the first thought in my mind is “alright, new stuff” .
            Like Borntorun said, I put myself in the victims shoes also to have a better feel of what they’d be feeling.

          • @hopingfornemesis you’re so hypocritical bad mouthing me for likeing gore and you sit behind you pc watching it more then I do, which means you also like it but ashamed to admit it. I love seeing other suffer, eps. if its on video, I do enjoy it, I’m not ashamed of it, but I don’t let my family know only because they are my family and I don’t want them to watch it (it would upset them and they would have bad dreams) not because they would thank bad of me, any ways just fuck off and don’t replay on my threads, I don’t like you, you too hypocritical and two faced, like a fake person.

          • Lady. You are entitled to your opinion. I have stated mine. We are square.

            You have said you do not like me and i am saying i do not like you as well. You are sadistic and your family should know that about you.

            You are also rude. I never told you to fuck off .So you are unable to discuss anything logically as part of a debate. I would not want to discuss anything serious with you.

            No problems. I will not be replying to your threads.


          • @hopingfornemesis What part of ‘don’t reply to me anymore’ do you not understand? or is it you just have to keep putting your useless 2 cents in no matter who wants to hear it or not? either way I will say it again,,, STOP REPYING TO ME

          • I said i would not reply to your threads .

            I did not say i would not reply to your public communication to was my last communication to you. And now this will be my last communication to you
            And by the way, now i do not want you to reply to mine either. And i would tone down with the insults and innuendo too while you are it.

            I dont like people SHOUTING at me online and i dont like pussy passes either.


          • Hahaha! I just got a visual of a bunch of bushmen standing around their victim stewing in huge pot, one saying to another “Do you prefer white meat or dark meat?”. Those stories about people resorting to cannibalism to survive, man that’s a tough choice . . .

  2. They should hang him up on the wall of their haciendo and call him “art”… or, lay him at the puerto and call him “mat”… or, throw him in the pool and call him “bob”… or, just use him for third base on the baseball diamond… 🙄

  3. Damn that dude’s got skills! Sure knows his way around them joints. Got that first leg off in 5 1/2 seconds! … bet he works at the local meat market 🤔

  4. I can’t bring myself to watch this type of video anymore. I’ve got way too much empathy and the pain and agony they show during this shit rips me up. I’m definitely an after the dismemberment kind of girl. Or already dead people.

  5. @hopingfornemesis I don’t feel there’s a difference between “enjoying gore” and “showing a little too much enjoyment [in gore]”. We’re all watching the same videos, aren’t we? I feel your statement was very hypocritical. You admitted that you’re a member of multiple gore sites so obviously you’re “enjoying” yourself at the suffering of others. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

    In any case, I “overly enjoy” watching this stuff because I’m all for capital punishment. If a man or woman rape, murder, torture, or molest people, a majority of what happens on this site is what they deserve. I honestly feel the world should be an “eye for an eye” kind of economy. Someone tortured me? Then I have the right to torture them back. Someone rapes me? Then I have the right to shove anything I want up their ass. Someone murders my family? I should be able to murder them back.

    Anyway, getting a bit off topic here but my point is, we all are here because we “enjoy” gore for one reason or another. I feel like no one should be put down because they watch the same videos but for a different reason than you.

    • No Timothy there is a differnce and i suggest you re-read my initial posts on the matter. Watching the gore is different from enjoying the suffering of its victims. This is logic and community -held belief. As a child we all loved seeing other boys’ arms in plastercasts yet only sadistic twerps would have enjoyed the breaking of those arms.

      Your second para conflates liking the pain of the perpetrator with the justice of executing that perp. Yes, i can imagine you wanting to exact revenge and LIKING the pain caused in the heat of the moment but the community at large may agree with eye for an eye yet recoil in horror if we all had orgasms at executions.There is a difference.

      Third para, you are entitled to your opinion as was i . I have stated my reasons as best i can that one is wrong and the other reason is acceptable to some degree the other needs clinical -care and is a danger to soceity at large.

      Contact me again if you wish to discuss anything else.



    El vídeo circula desde hace unas semanas, en el se observa a un sujeto que dice ser cartel jalisco nueva generación, en un previo, la víctima que después es cortado en pedacitos vivo, dice ” Arriba Cenizo con su gente, ya me quedó claro que son la mera verdad los vatos”

    La víctima aparece en el siguiente vídeo desnudo y siendo descuartizado por partes, mientras el integrante de cartel jalisco le manda saludos a los principales líderes de los Viagras y advierte, ” sigan mandandome de estos a Nueva Italia” haciendo referencia que el sicario descuartizado vivo era gente de “El Doro” y que fue abandonado por sus compañeros, en un primer video el sujeto es interrogado y responde que llegaron a nuestra nueva Italia para pelear y que sus jefes solo andan robando.

    En la grabación que dura varios segundos la agonía y el terror del sicario Viagra se puede sentir de manera lastimosa, primero le cortan una pierna mientras el sicario llora y clama piedad, después le cortan la segunda pierna y el sicario se resigna a que no saldrá completo de esa misión, El victimario con las piernas que le corta le golpea la cabeza y el plexo mientras se burla y le dice “que eso es para que se pongan verda” a continuación le quiere cortar la cabeza pero un segundo testigo le recomienda mejor cortarle un brazo, el salvaje víctimario procede y corta un brazo y finalmente el otro brazo con lo que se supone “el sicario Viagra” perdió la vida.

    Un cuerpo descuartizado fue abandonado en la carretera Apatzingán – cuatro caminos en los días que supuestamente se filmaron los hechos, al momento no se a confirmado que los restos hubieran sido reclamados por sus deudos.

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