Tag That Image! #61

Welcome to Friday, motherfuckers. Tag That Image before I tag that ass.



“Come on, pendejo… i dare you to laugh!”


I don’t always dress in bandeleros and nut huggers, but when I do, I always drink Dos Equis. Stay thirsty, my friends.

You gotta ask yourself, do you feel fruity punk? Do ya?

Quit that James Bond Crap, they said. You can do better, they said. There is an Oscar in your future, they said.

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52 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #61

  1. Take me as I come please …..well for starters I’m Sean Connery’s younger sibling. and as for the differentiation between us …… He has a normal sized smaller crotch where as mine is way too big because of hydrosil.

  2. OMG…let me at the Hunky bit off MAN MEAT..🎶he’s got the look..nana na na na..he’s got the look..nanan na nana na🎶..I quiver at the site of them there boots…🎶hold on tight I know he’s just alittle bit dangerous..he’s got what it takes to make end’s meet..🎶

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