Saudi Prince Commits Suicide By Jumping Off Balcony Inside London Airport

On Monday, March 12, 2018.. Saudi Prince Bandar bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud committed suicide at London airport by jumping off of a balcony. He was apparently being deported at the time and was refusing to leave because he did not want to return to Saudi Arabia. The jump doesn’t look that high but he definitely landed pretty bad. Allah Akbar and shit.

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37 thoughts on “Saudi Prince Commits Suicide By Jumping Off Balcony Inside London Airport

  1. Fuck them all! They are all nato/israel/uncle sam establishment -protected perverts and malefactors! Biggest instigators of headchoppers for last thirty years.

    Can’t wait for world power to not need or want these fuckers anymore.Then i will ask @Lucy to train me up and I will go a’huntin!

    Yes i know i have american and jewish friends here. Just saying.

  2. (Applause from the crowd that sounds like an egg frying as they await the judges score). The jewelers musta closed early. Saudi princes are a dime a dozen, there’s more where this comes from.

  3. Wait a minute if deportation was his only reason to commit suicide why did he chose to be a Saudi Spiderman in the first place .
    And was he after Tobey Maguire’s GF Mary-Jane Watson ??? & what about his GF back home going by the name Salma.?
    How the hell didn’t he think about her pastimes?!now all she is left to do is to continue spinning webs for Arabian nights and gooey floaty web laced curtains for harems of Sheikhs.
    bismillah hir rahman nir raheem
    Allahu Ak..bare

    • Haha! All those good times he had playing with her ankles πŸ˜‰ all the while being wary if pops or her brothers ever caught him going for her knee, they’d show their swordsmanship skills on his man parts.

      • He had a whale of a time tickling ankles of concubines from his father’s harem .
        He went a step further and got caught red handed .Was asked to leave and never return to the palace of all illicit, immoral and even religiously forbidden acts or face the blade runners . He chose the first and left on a fake passport only to
        be deported .With nowhere to go; committing suicide seemed the only way out . Good bye Saudi Spidey .

      • @blason why is that everyone goes ga ga over Mary Jane only .Well if its her you want you gotta be in Hollywood my dear .
        Remember I am not envious at all its just her dimples and chubby cheeks I just wanna touch and feel .. of course in my world of rainbows full of fantasies…that’all .

  4. That would suck if he didn’t die, I don’t think he was up high enough… Go back to Saudi Arabia and be stuck in a wheelchair paralyzed for the rest of his life now his life really will suck in Saudi… He goes out of the frying pan and straight into the fire

  5. Boy he almost totally screwed up that landing.

    I think it would’ve been funny if he had landed in that planter down below instead.
    Then he instinctively brushes himself off and then jumps from the planter and then accidentally lands on one of those luggage pushing carts that just happened to be passing by.

    I’m sure its happened before, somewhere.

  6. Yea why would anyone want to go back to Sandniggerland? Living in any free country that isnt rubble, that the family pet goat doesn’t double the as garbage disposal,food,and Saturday night date. Where soap and running water is abundant, where women can be free and beautiful and shave their armpits,legs and pussy if they please. Where one doesn’t have follow hypocritical religiousness.
    …hope this woke fucker felt every second of pain.

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