4chan User Commits Suicide By Shotgun During Live Stream

God help us. 4chan members are making headlines.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ A 4chan user that went by the name ‘Shuaiby’.. real name Shuaib Aslam, a frequent poster on the /r9k/ board committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun while live streaming the entire thing yesterday. He got on /r9k/ and invited people to his live stream on YouTube while he got his shotgun ready. You can hear members of 4chan trying to talk him out of it but it does no good. He slides a note under his bedroom door and also writes a note on a piece of paper the current date and β€œBye /r9k/”. The video shows him cocking the shotgun and he then puts it to his head and pulls the trigger, blowing his brains all over the wall and ceiling. His mother soon walks in screaming and sees what her son has done. She’s crying and picks up the camera. Another 4chan user that was in contact with Shuaiby said he was having a lot of problems at home and in particular with his mother. He had often talked about suicide but was always talked out of following through with it. Clearly this time was different.

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81 thoughts on “4chan User Commits Suicide By Shotgun During Live Stream

  1. He really fucked his mom over with this one.
    He could’ve stayed somewhere else temporarily until things calmed between them.
    Most likely PTSD and meds for her now.
    You’re very right, it’s always tough to see or hear a mom find their dead child.

  2. Its ridiculous when a plate full of beef roast is not served on the platter for a rogue of 18 years of age , then ultimatum is served & well well what have ya got …… the word SUICIDE is screamed out
    For a start though the faggot did cry like a babe with a ruptured hymen ..never missing a moment peering in to the lens eye . It was fascinating to see the set up as though he was in a studio shooting his latest flick .
    That hung up tarp to the wall also belies his intent and looks pretty much faked up . Wouldn’t even know who synchronized that splat gun shot reddening the tarp but the shot gun was more of a fun cause he was brandishing a replica which is for takes in the market .
    On a hind sight something tells me he enacted well detaching himself from reality because the bastard knows life doesn’t come cheap and its lived just once now if someone walks by that neighborhood where this fakester of a degenerate stays one can still get to hear his cries with bursting lungs over a plate full of roasted beef .
    Pardon me though but me & me only thinks this video is devoid of realism but thanks a bag load to the contributors anyway .

      • @hfale Toys making giant
        China has been exporting such rubbish all over the world and the toys [Miniature or exact scale size replicas] are easily available for few bucks in the toy market . But ya’ll have to comb the spot to know where exactly they sell it .
        As for vouching I am cock sure he used a replica . Don’t ya go any further than googling to investigate as this vitiated little goon is still alive right this minute as I write .

          • When ya
            talk about
            Replicas they come in like the originals exactly as per their scale size models pretty identical to the real thing and mind ya not in plasticky material but to give it a real feel they are manufactured in sub standard
            alloyed metal alchemy but more or less the same .And No wonder then the clanking cocking matched the exact sound .
            Ain’t no body
            heard there
            was another
            someone within
            the same
            room with him and mind ya no one cares tidying up before
            ending their life . Alright pretty intriguing twist in here then as ya replay ya are gonna know there is more to it than meets the eye when that blob of a splatter took to the air everyone thought he emptied his skull of his gray matter but that’s not real. What exactly had happened was that… that
            another someone and this sicko they were synchronous with a certain device and once it ticked the dot the other guy with a splat gun let go his crimson load trap to ceiling wards matching exactly the clanking of shotgun …. the pretentious fella carried in his hands . BTW what stood out was his mask he wore and I thought that was a domesticated jungle cat wanting to play soldier

      • I don’t know much about replicas. When he pumped the action it sounded metallic, real. If fake, how did he make that matter fly up to the ceiling after the shot, l want to know. Looks real to me.
        @hfale, @blucon

        • Watch at 2:06. A large brownish chunck flies up over the top of the window and lands on the lower part of the first picture on the right. How do you do that if not from a real shot?

  3. I always kept the suicide option in the back of my mind until recently. My sister hung herself after 20 years of threatening to do so. The day after Christmas she followed through. I never truly appreciated the full scope of hurt suicide causes. My nieces lost their mother. Yes they are 30 and 26, but they need a mom as they start a family. Her only granddaughter is 5.
    I believe if the people committing suicide could see the pain they caused in the days and weeks that follow, they would not go through with their decision. I know this is impossible. People do this act aren’t in a good state of mind or a knee jerk reaction.

        • @hopingfornemesis She has an armory of her own and
          an arsenal to boast off scaring unnerving
          intruders leaving them half witted and like some scared kitties out there in a heavy downpour .
          @bannedanna this is for ya . If ya can only video post all of the stuff and bring in on here on the RGM the lot of us would be highly impressed but no replicas please.

        • Haha
          @hopingfornemesis . there you just about stole words from my mouth . Yeah the way she seems so well equipped I think she can take on the whole brigade .And yes of course her man must roam free where angels fear to tread as you rightly said . lol.
          Hey but
          @bannedanna tell me if its your hobby and how do you take care of so many ? Are they all at home hung up to the walls .When was the last time you used any one of them and which was it . ?You must seem to have spent a fortune isn’t it ?. Well hats off to your passion but me or @hopingfornemesis if ever tread at a closer proximity to your house just treat us not as foes but friends from your beloved site . And before I conclude can you please pose up with your KelTec KSG just for our sake . Here’s wishing ya taking care of all of your possessions.

  4. Welcome back
    @ladybug aka
    Once ya enter the temple of gore its punishing to quit however hard you may try . Gore watchers ain’t bad its just their curiosity to look the other side what’s over and beyond. You weren’t a bad girl if you thought your earlier visits made ya feel that way just shun that feeling .
    Ya got a new job new house and ya yourself are a Brand New Heavy now…. so rejoice looking at the new SUN shining on

    • @blucon Thanks, its nice to be back, I do really enjoy watching blood and guts and pain and suffering, not that I want to ever experience any of that done to myself (call me selfish but I hate to feel pain and see my own blood) but watching others on videos I do enjoy.
      My new life awaits me in a far away land of opportunity :- )

      • @ladybug
        Its not you alone ; even the hardest toughest sort wouldn’t enjoy seeing getting tortured themselves , put to undue sufferings or subjected to unnecessary bloodshed.

        On the contrary coming to the the site educates us to be one step ahead and avoid being in places where brain and the heart stops singing chorus in unison and where adrenaline rush is felt as though some alerting electrical bolts are passing within to warn & keep us away from harm’s way as much as possible.
        Since we know life is so very unpredictable this is where we get to smarten up and avoid as we must
        taking things lightly.
        Welcome back …and stay by as videos just pour in by the dozens to make your day .

  5. Poor kid. Everything seems so much more dramatic and life altering when you’re a teen. We all go through horrible shit, then we look back wondering how we were strong enough. Then we realize how strong we are and how much we can handle. If only he could’ve gotten some help or held on a little longer.

  6. WOW THAT JUST HAPPENED. anyone that says that’s a cowards way out needs to be shown just how hard doing that would actually be…. i mean to point a gun to your own head and pulling the trigger has got to be one of the hardest decisions and most difficult things to do, knowing this is the end of the line, that is far more ballsy than cowardly, having a gun pointed at your head that isn’t even loaded makes people shit their pants this kid did it like no big deal while it was actually loaded and pulled the trigger, he’s definitely in another dimension, i truly hope he’s in a better place because whatever possessed him to do such a thing is far worse then him no longer having the thoughts he did before he did it, maybe that was the only way he thought his pain would stop. i tell you though that’s far from a cowards way out.

  7. I call bull shit, to weird and fake, first you didn’t see he’s body after he was shot, second there is fake blood you can purchase to messy up a wall, and the tarp behind him if he was actually going to kill himself why worry with the tarp??? Third the cat mask and rainbow on he’s face why would someone want to go out with that dumb childish shit on there face, so bullshit.

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