Man Takes Last Breath with Slashed Throat

A dying man’s final moments are caught on camera after he has his throat slashed open. The gaping gash opens and closes as he struggles to take breaths. But it would seem that he died of blood loss before he suffocated. It also looks like he was shot in the abdomen.

Props to Pinky!

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23 thoughts on “Man Takes Last Breath with Slashed Throat

  1. That were wages of sins he died earning
    grotesquely !
    A shot to the abdomen and a deep gash to the neck ; it couldn’t be a case of some mistaken identity . The killers knew who they were after when they zeroed in on him .
    He’s was trying hard but the killers kept enjoying their moment of glory as there were voices in the back drop and yet at one time someone among them thought of wrapping up
    a piece of cloth . I think the canine was of the dying man more so evident cause he kept barking at the intruders .Seems like he was a lonesome crow with no one by his side except the dog who was tied up . Its a relief they didn’t think of butchering the dog .

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