Press Worker Gets Fingers Caught In Machine

A press worker in China had a terrible Monday yesterday when he got his fingers caught in one of the machines. He screams bloody murder while they attempt to get his hand out, and eventually they do. I could call him a pussy and all that jazz but my eyes tear up a little bit when I smash my fingers, so I’m not gonna do that.πŸ˜‘

26 thoughts on “Press Worker Gets Fingers Caught In Machine

  1. Damn faulty Chinese machinery.
    Evil blood thirsty and merciless.
    One minute you’re on the daily grind.
    Next minute it’s Maximum Overdrive.
    Where the evil machines want your blood.
    Looks like that Chinese kid from Dusk Till Dawn.
    Poor guy I hope he heals up quickly.

  2. Damn that dude screamed like a little bitch…. He was fine until they took the pressure off from that 40 ton press…. Then as soon as the blood started going back to the nerves here we go with the big whiny ass scream fest… Oh my good God just put it back in

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