Man’s Arm Barely Hanging On

I have absolutely no info on this. Don’t know where it’s from. Don’t know what happened. But I do know this made me cringe a little. A man is standing around with his arm barely hanging on. It looks like it may have been a machete attack, so I suspect it’s from the Dominican Republic. People around the man try to help him and wrap his arm with cloth. Hopefully he got to a hospital quick enough to save his arm. Or maybe this was totally deserved, who knows.

Thanks to Pinky!

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35 thoughts on “Man’s Arm Barely Hanging On

          • Mine “to the top” button is gone, also.

            Not only that, when I view a new post, I don’t have any problems with it. But, when I try to look at other “related posts” below the new one, the vast majority of them will show the story, but won’t show the video. I’ve tried to get it addressed, but I reckon it must just be a glitch or something.


          • You are absolutely right about them pronouncing vowels differently.

            It gets harder though the more educated the Kiwi . Then they sound almost like Aussies except for those vowel sounds you mention, like the “i”.hahaπŸ˜‚

            It is amazing re language! They say american color, favor , etc is closer to original English and that English English evolved to be more French -spelled about a hundred to two hundred years ago.

            I reckon Spanish is the most melodic /sexy language today yet my history books say that in the Ancient world ,the Romans loved the sound of Greek and called them “nightingales”.how beautiful is that! So Modern Greek has lost its sexiness and the Romance/Latin Languages have acquired a musical sexy sound in the intervening two thousand years!

            As for ugly sounding languages to my ears.;Dutch,Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew and Arabic!


        • @hopingfornemesis ya think its happening but I see none of my chums licked on to .I presume there could be a glitch with the servers .And as far as ya are concerned ya won’t make no mistakes whether deliberate or intentional . Enjoy bud I guess its just momentary .
          Tell me when the dust
          settles down..

          • That arrow is in the bow with the Bods so no worry . Hang it coming in over and sitting back to where it rightly belongs .And frankly yes none of it as ya mentioned with me everything is in place except for the arrow which isn’t bothersome

          • @hopingfornemesis
            Our pal @blucon has a pretty delicious turn of phrase, and a unique & witty take on our language.
            May be a little hard to follow at first, but soon you will appreciate his clever and interesting way of speaking/writing

            As it goes (and if you dont know already) you two live (relatively) close to one another, albeit in different countrys.

            To give you a clue:
            If @blucon ever decided to take a trip back here to Olde Albion, the average English dullard would hear his accent, and ask “So, whereabouts in Australia are you from”
            And our Blu WOULD politely explain the situation – but would also be (quite rightly) raging inside at the ignorance that has been show.

            I see it happen here often, and I (also quite rightly) Face-palm fucking HARD at it every time!

            Whats up @blucon ? always a pleasure to speak with you pal

          • Yes aussies and kiwis are very similar in speech and it can take a long time to work out where they are from unless you know which words to listen for! Reminds me of the Hebrews culling their own in the askiboleth srory in the old testament. Look it up!

            As for his turn of phrase ! Yes i know he is quite the wordsmith!πŸ˜‚

            Blucon, i prob have never told you. Auckland is one of my fav cities! Scenic, relatively small and compact ,all the diversity in cuisine you could want,decent climate,water -frontage,relatively safe. I could easily live there!


          • @hopingfornemesis
            Yer know (might jus be me, n my generation) but ive never myself had a problem distinguishing between the two.
            skiving school, and watching “sons n daughters” then “shortland street” then “prisoner cell block H” probably helped! πŸ˜‰
            Aussies n kiwis, although having the same “twang”, sound their vowels in a VERY different way.
            Say the name “Nick”, Then imagine how a kiwi would say it – just one example.

  1. Incredible that he didn’t faint looking at so much of his blood dripping down crimsoning the floor . The first aid was pathetic he looked dead aghast and slowly seems to be losing consciousness .The fact that they are so naive nobody knows what to do letting him bleed profusely . He will survive though and that chunk of flesh has to either come from his buttocks or the calf muscle otherwise his sliced up arm looks awful.
    He will heal as he looks to be a tough nut .

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