Guy Gets Cucumber Stuck In His Ass

So.. this nice man here was walking through his vegetable garden naked when he slipped and fell on a cucumber and it went right up his ass. Yeah, not really.. this weirdo was sticking weird shit up his ass when his asshole decide to suck the cucumber in deep, deep enough where he couldn’t reach it. A doctor had to stick his fist his up his ass just to get it out of him. Once it’s out, most of the doctors and nurses in the room start laughing. Unprofessional? Yeah, a little. But how can you not laugh at someone getting a cucumber stuck up their ass?

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42 thoughts on “Guy Gets Cucumber Stuck In His Ass

  1. Next time try the type that isn’t “burpless” and maybe then it will shoot out of your ass.
    Saw a guy who had a vibrator stuck up there. ER doc showed him the x-ray, then asked him,”Do you want me to remove it or just change the batteries?”

    Haha, he’s in a female / gynie bed !

  2. His is a story where he knows cocks are aplenty but noone to get riveted on to .
    Fed up with his dilemma he chose the vegan way of settling things up for his beloved anal canal cause cocks are meaty and therefore for a vegan cucumber or similar veggies seems like the best choice .
    I guess he chose an over sized one instead
    Should have rehearsed stuffing smaller sizes first .
    Hey ya Cocksucker here’s wishing ya better luck next time
    Listen what do the fags say …….The bigger more deeper much better it is.

  3. It’d most likely come out naturally as the muscles in the colon contract. In the same manner that digested food is moved through the intestine then expelled as faeces.
    It was probably his first time and he most likely worried when it slipped in and his anus shut. He should’ve relaxed, squatted and gently “pushed”.

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