Female Bail Agent Shoots And Kills Man And Gets Away With It

In August of 2017 the shooting of a man by a female bail agent occurred in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Bail agent, Chasity Dawn Carey, 42, was attempting to take Brandon James Williams, 38, back into custody. Brandon thought he was meeting the bail agent for a normal check-in, but Carey clearly had a chip on her shoulder for this dude. She tells him to stand up so she can put cuffs on him. Brandon becomes angry and tells her not to put her hands on him. A little scuffle happens and Carey pulls out a gun and shoots Brandon, killing him. Carey claimed she shot Brandon in self defense because he tried to grab her gun and jump through the window. Umm… Okay? Anywho, Carey was charged and acquitted of first degree murder.. which was very stupid of the prosecutor because this was not first degree murder. Had she been charged with second degree murder she may have been convicted.

Yesterday, police finally released the video showing the shooting. The young boy in the video is Carey’s 19-year-old son, Justin Henderson, who set up his new Go Pro camera just hours before Brandon arrived for his check-in. The video does not capture Brandon being shot but it does show Carey shooting him. So what do you guys think about this one? Was this murder and should this woman have been convicted of anything or was it justified?

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21 thoughts on “Female Bail Agent Shoots And Kills Man And Gets Away With It

    • It all ended so dramatically that even the boy had no inkling that her mother was up to something .
      Don’t ya think Brandon was stupid enough in doing what he dared do when he knew he should have acted not repulsively acted brash thinking he was in his own backyard so aloof so laid back that he failed to respect her authority and that’s what irked her. .
      In her own den bail agent was a lioness and she left nothing to chance @trustme .

  1. Maybe his stinky foot was a lethal weapon? Seriously, after she shot him she has an obligation to give him aid, immediately, because once he is no longer a threat….. oh f*ck she probably shot him in the head.

  2. Hey Justin…your moms a cunt! Justโ€™ sayinโ€™…Justin case ๐Ÿ˜ you have doubts. Nice for this to happen Justin time ๐Ÿ˜ for your new go-pro camera. Har har har.
    Seriously she should of just called cops to begin with… having your teen son in room while you shoot unarmed man cuz he was confused,and scared is wrong. But whatever Guns,Guts,and Glory made this Cuntry great!

  3. Oh Gawd! dammit Brandon ! …You come meeting your bail, agent kicking off your worn out shoes and your days old stinking pair of socks and you never twitched but continued to itch undermining the authority ya sat bang opposite to . That was an utter shame
    It seems the bail agent found some bad odor beads of sweat not to mention some grey hair on your chest beside your scruffy looks on ya .And that was embarrassing for the lady who kept thinking if he’s up to it so casually what if kicks of his undies any minute and ,grabs and pokes her right in front of her own son so to avoid more consternation she whips out her toy pistol and shoots him dead putting Brandon’s hullabaloo to deaf ears . So much for paying a visit in inner wears to the bail agent .
    Finally if he only had to be quite ; answering questions when asked to ; he’d would have walked back home alive but now he has got a permanent bail and he is out of anyone’s custodianship & it suits him fine as his voice echoes out from the grave . As for the lady I’d say she did what was supposed to be done cause the man was getting even on my nerves although the video is about a year old .
    Rest in piddle .. Brandon

  4. Sorry. I must be a bleeding heart lefty. She was totally out of line and used excessive force. It was not self defence, it was at least in my country reckless injury occasioning death which means FAT JAIL TIME.!
    I’d go far enough to charge for murder. I reckon there was intent to kill without cause for self-defence. No scuffle occured apart from her forcing and feeding the issue. If she cannot prove she was mentally impaired at time she shot him…… then that gets you murder where i live.

    I cannot believe she got off!

  5. Not justified, who does this cunt think she is. I fucking hate stupid entitled bitches. She’s a fucking bondsman. Fucking asshole. You leave and call 911 you don’t shoot him at close range. She’s trying to be Billy badass in front of her kid

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