Tour Helicopter Crashes Into East River In New York

Yesterday, March 11, 2018 around 7:00pm.. a sightseeing helicopter crashed into New York City’s East River near Roosevelt Island, killing all five passengers. When emergency crews arrived the helicopter was upside down and submerged. The pilot managed to escape and survive but the five passengers were tightly harnessed and had to be cut out. The pilot.. 33-year-old Richard Vance, told investigators that he believes one of the passengers’ bags may have hit the emergency fuel shutoff button and caused the chopper to crash. The crash is being investigated to find out exactly what happened.

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40 thoughts on “Tour Helicopter Crashes Into East River In New York

    • That was really great. SouthPark animator, l presume. The link after to his piece on the devastating effects of the tiny .223 rifle round was pure bullshit, though. You should see what I shoot. Makes the.223 look like a toothpick. Matter of fact, check back late today and l will post a picture of the .223 next to my favs, the 338 Lapua Magnum, and the 50BMG.

        • Treat all guns as always loaded. Only point a gun at something you are going to shoot. Know your target and what is behind it. Finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Never pull a gun to threaten, only when your life is in danger, to protect yourself. Shoot to stop the threat, not to kill. Avoid a confrontation, never seek a confrontation. Train with your gun as much as possible, dry fire and range shooting. Get so familiar with it that you draw and raise it without looking at it. Save your good, undamaged brass. Stay safe, thanks for being one of the good guys! @harumph

          • Thanks again, @lucy! That was a tremendous help, way more than I could hope to get elsewhere or from others in advance! Our classes are on the 25th. I’ll keep you posted with our results. πŸ™‚

          • @harumph, if you remember what I said there, you pass the course. Only thing l could add is never carry while under the influence. If there is a shooting proficiency test…. practice. Learn to focus on the front sight only as you aim. The target and rear sight should be blurred but line up all three while keeping the front sight in focus. Get a gun in a caliber you are comfortable with. Maybe 9mm (hello @trustme ) or .40 S&W. If you flinch from recoil then your aim will be terrible.
            @hopingfornemesis, β€œdry fire” means to go through all the motions of firing the gun without any bullets in it. I like to have a TV on, wait for a commercial and then aim and dry fire at the SECOND person to appear in the commercial. Only thing TV is good for.

  1. Unbelievable the pilot narrative sounds concocted …….a tale with prefabricated yarns knit funnily together .How the cargo in a copter can let lose all by itself as if the baggage on board of each passenger was vying to compete as to which one is the most attractive & weighty of all.
    Especially when it’s a tourist’s sightseeing air bird the heavy baggage is never allowed on board save for light hand /duffel bags with a
    bottle of water or two which the tourist can carry on their person.
    They were lugged in so tight within their harnesses that unlugging came in too late resulting in the aftermath. So so the bird just took off without mandatory pre flight checks ..oh
    what next now ……c’mon Mr. Pilot c’mon c’mon !! tell us some more tales . And how does he know what may have caused the crash .it was his own undoing and he knows
    it & now he is up to saving his hyde.

  2. What the fuck? This definitely sounds sketchy. I will never go on a small airplane or helicopter. Even a regular airplane sketches me out. At least if I was on that, I would have been heavily drugged.

    This happened the next state over from me! I can’t believe I didn’t hear about it until I came onto this website.

  3. They need escape hatches up top on these birds that will pop off when you pull the lever underneath.
    It seems like they should’ve gotten out easily, but maybe the water pressure made it difficult to open the door, can’t tell if it’s closed, or those windows were to thick and couldn’t be kicked out.

  4. I am struggling with the idea of getting on a plane but a helicopter? Not a chance! I could be drowning in the North Sea and if a helicopter showed up to rescue me I would ask for a life-raft and to be towed ashore.

    I was in hospital about 8 years ago waiting to be transferred 40 miles to another hospital to have an op; there were three of us in there waiting and I was top of the list and first to go. I was due to go first thing the next day by car but around 5pm a nurse came in and said that the Air Ambulance helicopter was at the hospital and was returning to Oxford and they saw no point in going back empty and so they were going to take the next cardiac patient on the list with them. My answer to her?

    “Take number two on the list….I will go by car in the morning.”

    She was amazed. I told her not to even try and convince me because I’d never get on it no matter how sick I was….and I was pretty sick with multiple occlusions in my right coronary artery, one of which was almost a seal off. The guy who was number two on the list came over to me after he was told he was going and shook my hand for what felt like 10 minutes; he was overjoyed he was going by helicopter as he’d never been on one and had always wanted to. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he’d be lying down in a cramped compartment all the way! πŸ˜€

  5. Flew on a helicopter in Las Vegas, one of those Bell Copters with the big plexiglass bubbles. The sound was like Thor pounding the damn thing with a hammer whilst suspended in the air. You might like it, lol…. Hahahaha…. no, you won’t.

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