Ever had an itchy bootyhole? If so, it may not be because your nasty ass didn’t wipe properly. You may be dealing with a fun new friend called Mr. Hemorrhoid. Our anuses are surrounded by a vascular tissue that help us control our poop but sometimes it becomes inflamed and swollen resulting in a hemorrhoid. They can be painful, itchy and even bleed when you have a bowel movement. You can get diarrhea or constipation because of it but those two things can also cause them…confusing right? Diet can also play a role such as lack of fiber, sitting too long on the toilet and straining too much. External ones can usually be felt/seen and although they often resolve on their own or a cream can be applied to get rid of it sometimes surgery is required. This particular patient was dealing with a huge hemorrhoid and I won’t go into detail since the video documents what’s actually happening but it’s a pretty ugly asshole. Make sure to eat lots of fiber, don’t force a poo and for god’s sake get your lazy ass off the toilet after you shit.

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37 thoughts on “Hemorrhoidectomy

    • From what I’ve read about this procedure, it’s very fucking painful like you wanna die painful as recovery time is lengthy. Also, the likelihood of it returning is quite high and can be worse than before. A product called Squatty Potty can help with correct alignment when disposing.

  1. The external, blood filled ones are called thrombose hemmoroids and they are quite dangerous because the are caused by a blood clot which can sometimes come loos and lodge somewhere else and potentially cause a stroke. I know, because when I was in my 20s I had one that they had to cut open and remove the clot. Doc said it was the size of a marble, but it felt like a watermelon!

  2. Good for him to have realized at last that playing too much with a butt hole can leave it getting plugged in on its own .
    Talking of fibres …doctors have prescribed him to eat lots of artificial fibres that includes glass fibres to get rid of that blob sitting right there at the entrance .
    P.S he is been advised to strictly keep away from eating his natural diet .

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