Argument Turns Into Hit And Run

All the info I have for this is that it supposedly happened in Brazil. A group of guys got into an argument at a gas station, the argument turned physical after one of the guys hit another guy with a can of something then ran like a little bitch. Eventually a group of them get into a car and drive right through the crowd of people standing around sending one of the men flying through the air. They don’t stop there, they make another round and try hitting more people but just run into one of the tanks. Luckily for them it didn’t explode. They end up driving off while several of the guys carry the injured man away. No info on if he survived or not, or if the driver has been arrested.

15 thoughts on “Argument Turns Into Hit And Run

  1. Fucking Headless Morons . I wonder what gets in to their system making them behave like demons most part of the day …not even the nights are spared . Peace loving people have nowhere to run nowhere to hide cause even there they sneak in and throng.
    Life in Brazil just sucks day in and night out .

      • @blason true indeed ! its the drug culture which is behind it all but their Government just sits tight & does nothing in reforming the citizenry and society as a whole. It is getting bad to worse .I think there even might be addicts in the Government circles for whom its their pill they can’t do without .so the ban is out of question . No matter how their societies get ruined they give a damn ,its basically the moolah they keep eyeing on that fattens up their bank balances.

  2. No negotiations, no parleys, no peace talk nothing works when the beasts of burden are high on a booze beside they looked like a wavering bunch of dopesters tipsy and doddering on their feet with every step.
    For a gas station not to have a security guard is quite bizarre .None of the onlookers even bothered calling the police for help
    A nightmarish night out has ended for someone in a morgue . Some of the buffaloes also were seen skirting around in shorts and tops .may be they were the reason for the argument in the first place . Someone’s bitch was eyed and ogled on for an eye to eye fuck that’s when the sacs full of testosterones exploded .

  3. This can’t be Brazil: 1) no one has a dull machete; 2) no one has a malfunctioning gun; 3) some people are actually wearing real shoes, not flip flops; and 4) the road is paved and not dirt. Wherever this is, people still love their ice cream; I love how the fat chick in the blue shirt comes out of the store with what looks like a cone to see the smashed victim and runs away when the car comes back – carefully keeping the ice cream upright and delicious as she runs for her life.

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