Two Colombian Girls Die In Mexico After Crashing Ferrari

On Monday night, February 26, 2018.. two Colombian women crashed a red Ferrari into a retaining wall in Chilpancingo, Mexico.. causing the car to burst into flames with the two trapped inside. 25-year-old Tatiana Guzmán, died on Wednesday, February 28th in a hospital in Chilpancingo after suffering first and second degree burns over 80 percent of her body. She had one 5-year-old son. The second woman(the blonde), 22-year-old Dayana Sánchez García, died on Thursday, March 1st.. after receiving third-degree burns over 90 percent of her body. Both women were working as models and both girls were originally from Medellin, Colombia.

The info I have says the photos are of Tatiana, but I think I see the same hip tattoo that Dayana has in the bikini photo of her. That could just be extra crispiness though. Who is who, damnit.😠

Thanks to Pinky!

38 thoughts on “Two Colombian Girls Die In Mexico After Crashing Ferrari

  1. I think the blonder haired girl is the one on the table. Looks like they’re treating swelling in the limbs from burns like treatment for some types of snake bites now, releasing the pressure from compartment syndrome in the muscles and lowering blood pressure. Amazing what they’re doing with Tilapia fish skin coverings for burn treatment as well.

  2. Medellín is famous for its coffee plantations and I highly recommend a cup of Medellín Supremo from freshly ground beans at any time. Female model exotic car drivers, not so much and I highly recommend only allowing them to ride, exclusively.

    They obviously missed the Nikki Catsouras memo.

  3. Can anyone tell me,
    how this could’ve been avoided?
    I know it’s played out by now.
    But I will say it anyway.
    They should’ve just stayed in the kitchen.
    Ferrari was too much for those fine girls.
    I would’nt even want a Ferrari.
    I’ll be king of the road.
    In an F-150.

  4. Dang… Colombian strippers must make pretty good scratch to be driving a Ferrari on a little Mexico holiday getaway. Listen …only female who should be driving a Ferrari is Danica Patrick. These women should of known their role to be all hot and sexy in passenger seat, giving road head to male driver.maybe they’d still be alive,and tan…not burnt to a crisp.

      • Latinas are used to their men a’running!

        Many moons ago i was in Rome near the Colliseum. There were Gypsies everywhere!
        They looked at me ,i scowled and they went onto an easier mark.

        A beautifully bedecked Italian couple came by. Both looking like models out of a fashion magazine and dressed like them too.

        Anyway the gypsies, almost exclusively women pouced on this couple like harpies. Up flew the newspaper held by the lead harpy; to blind the victim and beta bitches can then pick pockets watches ,bracelets etc.

        The Adonis screams like a banshee and tears off like a school girl leaving his love to the mercy of gypsy talons!

        I was gobsmacked! Anyway ,another surprise in store! The Italian bombshell starts belaying these bitches with her handbag and hands and feet and kicks them away. The bitches finally give up and leave empty -handed onto easier targets.

        The italian starlet swishes up to the screaming peacock who was waiting further up the road and arm in arm continue the passagiata around the area! True story!

        So yes, Latinas are used to their men a’runnin’.! No surprise there!!


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