Car-nage in Mexico City

A fatal crash reportedly caused by a 12-year-old boy behind the wheel of car caused a number of fatalities, leaving smashed bodies, a severed head, a headless body and a young woman cut in half laying on the road. Two young women were crushed in the back seat of the car. Looks like all involved may have been killed instantly. Although the girl who was cut in half may have had time to feel her torso split in half before making out with the asphalt and smashing her face. Her legs ended up doing a crazy little yoga pose that I wouldn’t be able to pull off if my life depended on it. Death gymnastics are always interesting, boys and gorls. Am I right?

Props to Pinky!

10 thoughts on “Car-nage in Mexico City

  1. Yeah @obli, I’ve seen those spinners in yoga class sticking their toes in their ears and shit. I made the mistake of talking with one of them once. It took about a week of intense meditation and philosophical reading to get those IQ pernts and synapses back! I won’t be doing that again! ๐Ÿ˜›

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