Man Who Looks Like Homeless Jesus Has Maggots Removed From His Head

A man who looks like Indian Jesus at first received a head injury that lead to flies buzzing around and maggots invading his head. His hair is matted to the wound and people around him that are trying to help have to cut his hair to be able to remove the maggots and treat his wound. They also give the man a bath and new clean clothes as well as wrapping up his head wound. I can imagine the man felt like he won the lottery. Demaggoted, a bath, and new clothes all in the same day.

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32 thoughts on “Man Who Looks Like Homeless Jesus Has Maggots Removed From His Head

    • Exactly This.
      Any illusion that they might actually give a fuck is shattered when the woman scratches the maggots from (inside) the guys head, with the pointed end of the scissors. They cant even act empathetic when trying for the camera.

      As it goes, I felt very sorry for this guy. Obviously mentally ill, and probably with not one person in the world to call “friend” or even communicate with on a human level for that matter. Then along come these whoever in white coats… who scrub and poke at him like they might a field stock animal.

      I dunno, maybe i am being harsh? They appear to be some organization who seek out and “help” the poor and disadvantaged in the subcontinent? But in this video, I see emotion from the poor guy – yet not one drip of emotion or common respect from the “scrubbers”.

  1. Who amongst us couldn’t use a day at the spa?

    Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
    Matthew 25:40

    I think this guy would qualify for the “Least” category…..

  2. Unclean and matted hair can actually cause sores that get infected and attract maggots. My mom used to groom dogs, and some pieces of shit would just let leave them matted and never bathe them. Then two years down the road they finally decide to have a pro deal with the mess. I don’t know how many times she shaved ankle biters and filled an entire trash bag with their fur.

    One time the maggots had eaten through the poor dog into its abdominal cavity. The matted fur was the only thing holding up the guts. It ended up dying and the owner didn’t even get into trouble.

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