The Preston Lion

On December 30th, 2015, in Preston, Idaho, Tyler Olson heard a commotion outside his house. When he went out to investigate he saw that a mountain lion had come into his yard and was attacking his dog. As scary as that is to see, it is not the most disturbing part of his encounter as the lion’s head was not normal. Jutting from the animals forehead was another set of fully developed teeth and whiskers. After getting a picture and scaring the cat away, Tyler and his wife posted the image on their Facebook and before long, more than a couple local hunters took intetest and began to track the lion down.

A week later the lion was found and treed near the Utah border where it was shot dead. The name of the man who killed the big cat has not been released despite it being legal to hunt mountain lions in Idaho.

Fish and Wildlife officials took great interest in the story and released the images where all kinds of speculation arose about the cause of the bizarre mutation. Everything from radiation to a conjoined twin to it being the mythical chupacabra. Scientists tend to agree that the most likely answer is a teratoma, a benign tumor which contains developed teeth and hair of a twin which didnt finish forming and was absorbed by the more dominant twin.

A year later there is still no definitive answer and no other such animals have been seen. I hate how they had to kill the cat but given it had come into a human populated area and attacked a dog, the threat of it coming back around and attacking humans was a real possibility. Oh and Tyler’s dog suffered several injuries but has fully recovered.

So tell me what you guys think.

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16 thoughts on “The Preston Lion

    • FUCK THAT! WHY KILL HIM? Tranquilize him, bring him to a proper animal SANCTUARY, take blood or whatevr, study him, take care of him and let him roam around at an outdoor habitat. Wtf do they always kill them? He was hungry. Pure and simple. But people just dont get my pov i guess…

  1. There are those conjoined twins.
    2 heads in one body
    Abby and brittany I think.
    That’s some fascinating stuff there..
    That they could play baseball and shit.
    And they both control one body.
    2 spinal chords and 2 brains.
    Or 2 nervous systems.
    So this ain’t really shocking.
    It’s natural biology.
    Imagine a girl with two heads.
    One set of tits one pelvis.
    And one of them was Reily Reid.

    • OMG! The movie โ€œNapoleon Dynamite โ€œ was filmed on location in Preston, Idaho. That is pretty much how we get about tater tots and chapstick! Itโ€™s the dry desert air! Please, l wasnโ€™t born there, Iโ€™m an Out of Stater, …. but l do own a few of the bowling pins filmed during the movie. Guilty! Which one of the locals got it on with the mountain lion? Or one of the tiger / lion crossbreeds mentioned in the movie? ๐Ÿ˜œ

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