Two Men Crushed by Truck Bed

Good Monday morning, Gorriors. Got some head crushing caranage here for you. Usually we only see one person get fucked over in a workplace accident. This time, we have two! These guys were under the bed of the truck when the bed lowered, either by the driver or faulty hydraulics. But look at that head split. Damn.

Thanks, Pinky!

25 thoughts on “Two Men Crushed by Truck Bed

  1. Damn ! Never before but this once the duo had come to the workplace wearing the best of outfits but daydreaming was their only drawback and yet ya see the one wedged in between the giant tyres still looks fit and fine as a fiddle until lowered down and the other mate of his only wanted to bring the cargo down on his twin shoulders . and save the driver from trouble.
    That makes me say …… is this the fucking way ; an end must be met ..

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