WTF: Gross Bitch Does The Nastiest Thing

Well, we haven’t had a WTF post in quite awhile. I typically just have a goal of making you all hate me for making you watch such a disgusting thing, and since we are all pretty desensitized to everything.. it’s hard to find something that will do that. Oh and I also had to find a way to force @littlefoot to watch it because she doesn’t trust any video I send her anymore. I think this one might be a little much. It sure made me cringe and want to puke. I’m not going to even tell you about it. Just go watch it. ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜˜

PS.. Sorry that the audio is off. I don’t know how tf that happened.

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72 thoughts on “WTF: Gross Bitch Does The Nastiest Thing

    • @bannedanna They charge now? I haven’t been near that site forever and didn’t know they were still updating with new content. BTW they’re the rejects, not us no way and not ever. It used to piss me off what was done to me for so long but not so much anymore. They need that kind of social fame to make themselves feel important. Really pathetic if you ask me and without that site Mark and Agnes would be nobodies. We are certainly some bodies who need no false accolades from anyone else.

      I don’t know what your story is because i probably had been banned long before then but I’m surprised it happened to you.

        • Hahaha I did too! She tried everything to keep me quiet like moderating all of my comments before it posted sometimes for a few days. I hated her journalism style, her improvising and turning it around to fit her agenda.She stalked by every move lol it was nuts. But it also upset and frustrated me. She even deleted my comments just because she could. Fuck her

          Being drunk online is dangerous lol

          • I am surprised I have not been ousted by them yet. I definitely speak my mind and disagree with 99% of what (to quote @banned anna) cue ball head says. I have been there since like the (was it Armstrong beheading?) early days, but now I prefer this site. Although this video kinda fucked with my head. I am pretty desensitized to the majority of stuff. This one, on the other hand, about made me puke.

          • @gaboonviper529 I don’t know what the Armstrong beheadings are at least by title alone or how long ago they were but could be you’re just not hated, or they stopped dicking around with people. I never knew why it was that way, like in kindergarten class when someone pulls on your hair that meant they liked you…confusing, and I’m never done questioning why something was the way it was, especially if no reasoning was ever given..Mark was never my issue, even though he is an issue on his own, mine was with with Agnes….anyhoo.

            @countrygal1958 I’m done with the whole being inebriated online….. I never ever drink so it doesn’t take much, the headaches are worse afterwards

    • Haha! It looked like a cow was slaughtered in there. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Had to wiki hematophagy and pica disorders, this girl lacked proper nutrition and needed to get some meat on her little bird bones. But it gave her a chance to show off that little gash. This could be an instructional video in health class for pubescent boys who always wondered who that monthly visitor was. The menses may be a curse, but when it ceases, some women express serious grief with this change in life and what it signals . . .

  1. When I got to her sniffing the container that she described as smelling like “rotten meat” I was so good. My aunt flow is here visiting and all I want to do know is change everything, shower, scrub my vajayjay like crazy and sterilize. Seriously…

  2. Nasty bitch.
    #1 STFU thats not alot of blood.
    #2 you wear your pad almost 24h… are a disgusting pig.
    #3 this whole period thing gotta stop. Yes all women have a period thats just natural thing but to many bitches are taking it to far by smearing it on themselves and now drinking it up.

  3. The grossest thing to me was the fact that she wore the pad for 24 hours and kept an old tampon. That’s hopefully not her norm, just something she did for the video. It’s not crazy to me that she got it on her finger one day, got curious and tasted it. The fact that she seems to enjoy it and do it on a regular basis is strange. Since it’s hers it doesn’t gross me out so much.

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