Man Executed Inside Ambulance

A man was killed while en route to Albert Schweitzer Hospital when the ambulance transporting him was pulled over and hijacked. Armed men entered the ambulance and opened fire on the incapacitated man, deflating his head and leaving his brains all over the back of the ambulance. The witness’ to the murder did not what to be identified nor was the name of the dead man released. Possibly he had survived a previous hit on his life and thought he got away. That sucks.

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10 thoughts on “Man Executed Inside Ambulance

  1. This is the end result when someone gets too dopey with medicines. He just can’t wake or shake up and nor can he comb his hair anymore. His living daylights had higher surges so that’s some nasty outage there.

    Doctor missing from the scene must come back to inflate the deflated one.

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