Naked Man Keeps Dancing After Being Shot In The Leg

I don’t know what kind of drugs this naked idiot is on but that must be some powerful shit. He is havin’ the time of his life.. except police don’t seem to be enjoying it as much as he is. I’m not sure why they need 50 cops with guns pointed at one naked man, but alright. At one point the naked man launches towards one of the cops and the cop shoots him in the leg, but it doesn’t even phase the man, he keeps dancing like nobody’s watching. Eventually, two of the cops get behind the man and kick his legs out from under him and arrest him. I just wonder how he felt the next day when the drugs wore off and he realized he just showed everybody his junk and got shot in the leg.

Thanks to our Pinky!

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22 thoughts on “Naked Man Keeps Dancing After Being Shot In The Leg

    • I gotta admire these cop’s restraint, aiming for the leg, although the suspect was completely nude sporting only his fun gun. The pigs here in the good old U.S. of A. would say, oh no, we can’t aim for the legs, we need a large target like a torso. I would have liked to see them swing that nightstick up and bash the streaker in the bag, that would have got his attention real quick. 🙂

  1. Could have been shooting him with rubber bullets. Sometimes they actually do penetrate. If he was shot with a real jacket from a shotgun that close, he would have had his leg blown off. So I’m thinking rubber bullet or beanbag at the least.

    • When we were kids, there was the legend of the farmer that would fill your ass full of rock salt from a shotgun blast if you crossed his field, we steered our bikes clear of there!

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