Comando Vermelho Members Shoot Man Through Car Window

Members from Comando Vermelho in Brazil filmed themselves killing a rival as he was sitting in his car. The men walked up to the unsuspecting victim who had his car window rolled down and proceeded to shoot him in the head ten times. The victim bleeds like a fountain, but being shot ten times will do that. TEN times in the head. Was six or seven not enough to make sure he was dead or what? Brazil must have an unlimited supply of ammo the way these jackasses waste bullets on overkill. Before the video ends one of the men throws up the gang signs of Comando Vermelho letting everyone know who they are.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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15 thoughts on “Comando Vermelho Members Shoot Man Through Car Window

  1. Theres nothing more humiliating than being killed by someone wearing pink… 😆 They just said to him after he died “Do the “3” now! Do the “3” now, you son of a whore! Do the “3” now! Everybody is “2” in here! (and he said some stuff i didnt understood) we’re gonna kill you all! Do all… huh… do the “3” now! Everybody is “2” here! Fucking “roubadão”… (dunno what “roubadão” is, in untraditional portuguese its like an unexistent word that just means “big thief”, but in Brazilian it must mean something else) …you maggot!”

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