Man On A Rope Is Dismembered

A badly beaten man on a rope.. Fifty Shades of a bad gay BDSM porn gone wrong? A man is shown being lead around by a rope that is tied around his neck. It looks like his soon-to-be killers are trying to humiliate him by treating him as if he is a dog on a leash. He may deserve it, who knows. The actual killing isn’t shown but the before and after are. It cuts from the man being badly beaten but alive to being dismembered. Maybe we’ll get the actual murder video in soon because I find it hard to believe that these guys filmed the before and the aftermath of their work ..but didn’t film the murder? They even cut his heart out, so I don’t buy it. If I do happen to get that video, I’ll add it.

Thanks to Pinky!

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12 thoughts on “Man On A Rope Is Dismembered

  1. The victim looks scared in the picture, looking at the ax I understand why. Anyone would have that expression. Unless they are carrying a pistol. Even a .22 would’ve sufficed. That’s a good time for a Taurus Judge. Since they are in Da Silva Land. The Scariest Hell on Earth.

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