Mother Has To Pick Up Her Daughter’s Remains Herself After Train Accident

Having a child die is one of the most painful things I think anyone can ever go through in life, but then having to pick up your dead child’s destroyed body or what remains of her body must make the experience of losing a child so much worse. The woman speaking in the video is Shantel Sanders. Her 28-year-old daughter, Shannel Marie Bryant, was killed by an express train in Chicago, IL on February 10, 2017. The cops, the coroners office, and every other official that Shantel went to for help denied her request for someone to collect her daughter’s remains. For days body parts were left out in the open in a public space until Shantel decided to pick up her daughter’s remains herself. The bag she shows in the video contains parts of her daughter. I can’t find any info on if this was an accident or a suicide, I’ve seen different things from different sources. Shannel had two children, a 5-month-old daughter and a 6-year-old son.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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112 thoughts on “Mother Has To Pick Up Her Daughter’s Remains Herself After Train Accident

    • Yeah… Even in shithole places they pick up the bodies of poor peoples children… But not here in the U.S. in this case. What? Does it seem unusual or strange to you? Or do you just believe it without a question, as if bodies are left on train tracks here all the time without someone giving a fuck or at least bringing it to the morgue for burial. Happens all the time, right? The one Poor person who didn’t get her body picked up in the whole Country, eh? Think about it…!!! Would you leave someones body lying on the tracks for days if you knew it was there for days?

      • You would think that they were all picked up. When they find dead bodies in the woods, water, literally anywhere else, they don’t just leave them. My boyfriend grew up in Chicago, and told me a story about a lady who committed suicide by the L train and that he and his friends found pieces of her weeks after she was killed. It’s very sad the mother had to go do this herself..

  1. She axed and went to a mitting. And the media gives zero fucks. There will never be a hash tag for this. So allow me to think up one. #datsbad
    But sista didn’t give a fuck. Cause she could do bad by herself.
    (Snaps fingers rolls head on shoulders)
    Maybe this could be a movement.
    Hmmmm hmmnn

  2. Well maybe its just me, but I think it was kinda dumb for her to leave her daughter’s remains out there for days, in hopes that those incompetent cleanup idiots would come back and finish their job.
    I would’ve collected my own daughters remains immediately if they couldn’t do the job right that very night.

    I know it was just the principal and she was trying to make a point, but come on, I wouldn’t take the chance of animals coming over to clean the rest of my daughter’s remains up just to prove a point.

    • It’s strange because it’s probably BS in some way. Yeah, the city needs a lawsuit on them for doing something like this, which will cost them a shitload and make people look bad. But no, they just leave body parts even after multiple complaints from the mother, who just leaves the body parts of her daughter on the tracks. My ass. It’s starting to sound like a political website here, with Fake ass propaganda being relayed by someone with an agenda, like another website who we all know. Bestgore did a lot of the same shit for their own political spew too. Please don’t go there @yournextexgirl

        • @yournextexgirl What the fuck is my problem? It’s you putting on fake ass bullshit… So you sit the fuck down. You sound just like Acneska now. I guess i better shut the fuck up and sit down. FU Nextie. Ban me for questioning your fake shit. Is questioning someones drunkenness or not a requirement for writing here. FU for that too.Make your case on that for banning me here.

          • You’re not going to accuse me of intentionally pushing some agenda and then expect me to be nice to you. Grow the fuck up. The fact that you’re still here free to speak your differing opinion and I’m not deleting your shit shows that I am nothing like that. I don’t give a flying fuck if you disagree with me, but act your age and do it in a respectful manner. You can either do that or you can leave.@theluvmuscle

          • @yournextexgirl… You are pushing a fake article. You don’t have any facts other than what the mother claimed in this post. You know nothing else. Yet you wrote it as if it were the truth. So? What are you? A fake media outlet pushing a fake article for your own agenda. Don’t go there is all i’m saying. Don’t be like all the other Fake pieces of shit out there. Oh. I’m not gonna do anymore links. Sorry if it messed with your server.

          • There was confusion with that and you could’ve easily acted like a grown adult man and come to me in private and I would have explained it to you and that would’ve been all there was to it. You chose to act like a little bratty child. You need to grow up. You think any little thing is an attack on you. Grow up. This is the internet, if you can’t handle someone asking you something nicely.. log off. So continue to throw your little tantrum, we both know where you’d be if I was who you just compared me to. @theluvmuscle

          • @yournextexgirl…When the hell did I ever ask you to be nice to me? Did I, ever, somewhere do that? Sounds like you expect me to desire your niceness. Not…Never. Why would you expect me to desire your niceness. Narcissistic a bit? “Grow the fuck up”? I am, and your telling me that doesn’t make me feel like I’m not. But you are definitely being kindhearted by not deleting or banning me… Thanks so much, “Grown Up One”. You are so grown up by “allowing” me to “Speak”. And I don’t chose to leave as long as someone should be here to keep you straight in how you report and write your articles. No more BS fake shit, or biased shit without knowing the truth and facts. If you don’t know, say it.

          • Like I said.. you can disagree all you want. That does not bother me even the slightest bit. You are throwing a tantrum because you were asked to stop doing something which had you come to me I would have explained. You didn’t and you’re choosing to make a fool out of yourself. And just because we are not like Best Gore or Acneska does not mean you get to act any way you want. You can be respectful and disagree in a respectful manner or you can find somewhere else to go. It’s that simple. @theluvmuscle

          • I’m just really fucking tired of people repeating fake bullshit because they heard it from somewhere else…So it must be the truth and “here it is”, directly (from my believing or wanting to believe it), to your ears from me… The “Truth teller”. It’s getting to be very tiresome and obvious that it is really a dumbing down of us that so many are willing to simply just believe bullshit without a question. Even worse are the people who pass BS on for their own agenda or just out of stupidity.

          • @yournextexgirl. You know Nextie… I didm’t even know anything about your having problems with my posting links to songs, etc. until a few minutes ago and I had no idea that I should come to you for help with anything related to that. I had no idea it was a problem until you mentioned it just now. The only thing I was aware of is that I questioned the validity and the facts of your article here and our continued discussion about it. I get the impression of you as being a bossy little girl with all of your telling me what a “Bratty Child” I’m aging like and that I’m immature and should “grow up”, as if you are some mysterious, really, really mature person who I should bow down to with the “utmost” respect for. I have just, as simply as I could, with the most respect, explained the reason for my “Little Tantrum”, and you have not acknowledged my problem with it. You usually do not report in such a biased way without the facts and I brought it up to you. Now, it is up to you to stop having a tantrum and correct yourself or disclose the facts about it.

          • I didn’t have a problem with it. You were told that because there was confusion over the matter and we both know you are acting like a butthurt little brat over it. You can stop talking to me now. Disagree with my articles all you want, I don’t care who agrees and disagrees. I WANT to hear different opinions, start a debate on why you think there’s more to something, but don’t dare accuse me of pushing some kind of agenda. I really don’t care what impression of me you get. You don’t know me and you never will. So keep reading posts and watching videos and be a respectful adult …or leave. I have nothing else to say to you. @theluvmuscle

          • @yournextexgirl… I’m only “butthurt” because I was sticking that can up my ass while we were arguing. Ok. I won’t ever talk to you again, lil girlie. And I didn’t really ever want to know you. What for?

      • @theluvmuscle
        What in the hell is your problem? If you disagree with the facts on the post then share the information you have but how dare you accuse anyone on here pushing an agenda, lying and being like that other site. Are you fucking kidding me? You went about this all wrong coming into this post fists swinging when all you had to do was share your own research and what you found. Are you actually surprised at how @yournextexgirl responded? What other way would she when you do that shit? You came in here wanting to attack and start a fight. Period. If we’re so much like them then why not just go back to that site? I thought things were fine with you yet here you go starting shit AGAIN.

        • @theluvmuscle I know I’m a few months behind with this response but… you don’t sound like an unintelligent person. Oversensitive, perhaps, but it seems like you’re educated. I genuinely believe that people like @yournextexgirl @littlefoot and other mods are here simply to relay information to people like us. Then, we take that information as truth like sheeple or as information whereby IF we care enough, we do additional research to determine the validity of the content. Being in PR, I essentially take a company’s story and tell it to the world. However, my clients typically want to sound better than they really are so I take their stories with a grain of salt, confirm whatever info I can, and then do what I need to do with it. I think we all need to do the same here, too.

      • I don’t know….I think that everyone is very busy all of the time being in different parts of the world and US. I am 100% certain that no one has any political agenda here if they did they’d be on BG where it’s wanted and accepted. This story seems off to me though because it violates every known health code violation there is as well as corpse abuse. Who in the world would ever allow a mother of a dead child to scoop up her own child? If this was something that occurred exactly the way that this mother said it did then that county and state have some serious problems on their hands. This still could be considered abuse of a corpse by a governmental official(s)

  3. If the website here wishes to be truthful and objective as they say, please don’t report with a bias if you don’t have all the facts. If you don’t know the facts, then don’t report things as if what you believe or think are truthful.

      • @re-pete… Doesn’t say anywhere in the article that her body was left for days. Why even cite that article if it doesn’t back up what @yournextexgirl reported in her opinion of what happened here. It only says that she died. Not that her body was left for days and the poor mother finally, after days, had to pick her up. Don’t go there you guys.

        • @theluvmuscle That’s exactly the point of this video! The mother is letting us know what mainstream media won’t release to the public! In other words: “Brushed it under the rug” as the mother said.

          Nextie reported in this article exactly what the lady in the video is telling us, so I don’t know what the issue is here!

          • @re-pete. Ok Pete, the Russians are going to launch a full out nuclear strike on us at 3 am this morning. I’m telling you this in all truthfulness. So it must be real. Post that Pete. It’s not okay to say that just because someone “Said” something that it “Must” be the truth and report on it as if it is the truth. Objectivity is what reporters are responsible to follow. Not just on what someone claims. Don’t make me tell a smart guy like you what is right and not right in this matter.

          • @theluvmuscle Is Nextie gonna fly to Brazil and ask those 2 finger waving goons if the guy they beheaded was really a rapist?

            She’ll take their word for it, just like she’s taking the word of a grieving mother who did in fact lose her daughter by a train.

            Should she go on the mother’s FB page and ask if her story is real? Should she really ask her if that little bag of meat was really her daughter’s remains?

            That’s up to you to decide if the mother is telling the truth or not, because to tell you the truth, I believe the mother.

          • Ok Pete. I guess you have no choice but to believe the Mother. She must be telling the truth because she said it. Right? So, obviously you are left without a choice as a simple minded person. You have to believe her because she said it was the truth… Ok Pete…

          • @theluvmuscle
            Well in that case, why should I ever believe what anybody ever says ever again?
            Can’t really prove what most people say anyway!

            So basically you’re saying that bag of meat is not her child, right?
            Just tell me that what’s in that little bag isn’t really pieces of her daughter and I’ll believe you, only because you believe that to be true.

          • @re-pete. I’m not saying either way because I don’t know. That lady can say any fucking thing she wants to say… That doesn’t mean its the truth or that it should be reported as the truth. It’s just “what she said”. “The Mother claimed that her daughter wasn’t picked up from the track for days” is a statement without bias or asserting that there is a factual basis for believing it to be true or not is a much better explanation of what is really known about the situation. The issue is, the claim in the article as if it were the truth, without any verifiable facts and the one sided comments from the mother without any contradictory or verifiable information. I don’t believe it is my opinion. I may be wrong. But I don’t know. I admit that. So should Nextie.

          • The article states the woman died Friday evening and was identified with the autopsy done on Saturday. That doesn’t sound like what the mother is claiming.

          • @theluvmuscle
            Well I didn’t see it the way you did.
            I read the article as a summary for what the whole video was about.

            We may never know the truth, but I have a feeling all this wasn’t just about the validity of the article, this sounded pretty personal for you.

          • That’s exactly what it is. That’s what all my articles ever are. I’m no journalist or writer. I post a video and give some words about what the video is about and that’s it. That’s what all of us do. That’s why it sounds incredibly stupid for someone to claim I am pushing some kind of agenda. Thankfully, we are as transparent as we can possibly be, so no one is stupid enough to believe that bullshit. But we know that this was never about the article anyway. 🙄

        • It seems like mainstream media doesn’t report on the content that RG is open to reporting. It’s not “general interest-friendly”. There is no way we can tell if what that mother is saying is true or if it’s bullshit unless we ask her and her friend directly, assuming they will tell the absolute truth. So, as my personal form of twisted entertainment, I’m going to accept her mother’s words as real. That she had to scoop up the flesh of her child, even though I genuinely don’t think that would actually happen in the US. Doing this just makes the world a little more real and definitely more interesting… for me. At the end of the day, I kind of don’t care if it’s real or not because it doesn’t concern me directly. That’s how I feel.

          • Also, you @theluvmuscle claiming that @re-Pete was “without a choice” to believe the words of the mother is not a true statement. His “choice” was to believe the mother. Your choice is to not believe the mother. My choice is that I don’t care and can go either way because it doesnt affect me directly. I don’t know the dead woman, I don’t know her mother, I’ve never been to Chicago and I’ve never heard of Cicero until just now so I couldn’t care less. We all have choices. Just because someone else’s choice is in disagreement with yours doesn’t mean they’re making the wrong one.

            Finally, you can respond and bitch at me all you want (just assuming here) but I’m not going to respond, just FYI, because I’m going onto the next post and will forget about this incident that doesn’t involve me in about seven seconds.

    • Remains, meaning the remaining pieces from the mangled body that the clean up crew had already picked up. The the autopsy was done on what they had picked up the same day.
      Ya I’m sure they were just gonna leave the entire mangled body there for 6 days. 😆
      The same link huh?

          • You think crime scene investigators along with many other people left part of the body on the tracks and the mother just so happens to know they did and new exactly where to find them?

          • She gains sympathy from the public and the entire GoFundMe account she set up for herself.

            Again, my opinion. You can choose to believe otherwise.

            I answered your question but you chose not to answer mine.

          • I noticed you are one of the moderators on this board. Please tell your member, Re-Pete, to stop harassing me with his BS. I don’t know how many times I need to REPEAT myself to him so he left me no other choice but to contact you. I’d appreciate it very much. Thank you.

          • Especially death by train. It sounds like they might have just missed some. But I’m sure that was upsetting to her Mom. That they didn’t even pick all the pieces up of her child.

  4. I’m sorry but you are wrong. I commented because of YOUR link which I read and it didn’t sound like the story the mother was giving.

    Just because my opinion is different then yours doesn’t mean I’m whoever the heck you want me to be. Otherwise stop commenting on my posts about someone else and their life. Stop the BS.

  5. I’m sick of this shit. Let’s all get something straight. As nextie has already said, we are not journalists. We’re not fucking going out and interviewing these people. Videos and pictures are shared and we post them with descriptions of what we have. Any and all are welcome to share what they’ve found but don’t you dare accuse us doing the same shit that those others fuckers did when it was the entire reason this site was made to begin with. It’s called a debate, people. Try it out. Don’t act like a fucking 3 year old.

  6. I’m sick of being called someone who I have no idea who he is by another member.

    Also, I gave MY opinion of what I think just like others are allowed to do. I wasn’t questioning anyone about being a journalist or anything else so let’s get that straight. I can’t speak for others but only for myself…..I couldn’t be more clearer.

    I never accused anyone of doing anything either. I just joined last night and I get harassed for giving my opinion because it doesn’t fit well with someone else’s agenda, therefore I’m accused of trolling. How about that?

  7. Correction…..he didn’t question me….he assumed and continues to assume who I am and it’s becoming tiresome. Clearly you have no problem with him harassing me as you yet have not said one word to him but instead you keep going after me.

    Just like you said….be prepared to get the same answer back when I think you are full of shit…..right now.

    Whatever…..I’m done with this thread…..I’m moving on and I hope you and re-pete do too.

    Have a good day.

  8. 1) I am from the Chicago area, very familiar with Cicero area. This mother talks authentic South Side Black Welfare 4th generation, with words like ‘ax’ instead of ‘ask’, Il-a-noise’ instead of “Ill-a-noi” (correct pronunciation of Illinois, the s is silent). The mentality there is that the government owes you food, water, clothing, free medical care and protection from your own idiocy from birth to grave. The officials in charge of picking up the remnants of the train accident are not much better, just well connected lazy f*cks that punch a clock. Body parts found were probably tossed away from the scene of the accident, so were not found by the official clock punchers.Mother wants to blame anyone else for her child’s misfortune and wants to get paid.
    This story is totally believable as presented.

  9. 2) @theluvmuscle, … dude, wtf? I respect your taste in music, don’t know much else about you. I go off at times and make mistakes just like you do. I am grateful whenever I’m given a second chance to pause for a moment and think about what just happened. Please realise how much better this place is than that place. I am silenced there now because of what I said here. If you had done that on BG, silence would have followed you too.
    Please realise that it isn’t easy putting on the show here. Moderators would like to think that what they do is appreciated overall. You didn’t pay to play, right? Please just say you’re sorry, or not, and just move on. Hate on me if you want to, I’m running a deficit of abuse since I left BG.
    Here’s a little ditty, a cover of “Baby It’s You”. Close your eyes, she sings better than the original Smith version…. Luv you, man!

    • Hey …that is plagiarism cowgirl! I had a song up first called “Baby it’s you”.I am going to report you to the moderators!! Hahah.

      What with the Princesses and copycats on this site i don’t know what to do!

      However, given the song went up I am going to put up another for everyone’s enjoyment. Great for cowpokes of all sexes and pinto-pony riders!

      Listen to the Shirley Bassey /James Bond sound brass etc! Wow!
      P.S how hot is Nancy!


      • @hopingfornemesis. Nice one, but “walk all over you” is my fav. I just sign on after getting tired of arguing my point and people jumping at me for it last night, went to sleep, woke this morn, saw Littlefoot giving me some crap about questioning her girl Nextie and now I log on to find that Repete has given out a lot of my personal info because someone named princess questioned the truth of the article too, and now I’m just seeing it all. Thanks and fuck you @re-pete. I had more respect for you but do the right thing and remove any references to my personal info you mentioned here. I am not princess and didn’t know all this was happening, but to do that to me really fucking sucks. When did pete get access to my personal info, moderators? And that really is screwed up. @yournextexgirl and @littlefoot

        • @theluvmuscle That’s because I’ve been a moderator for a long time, just didn’t care to have my name put up there. Ok I’ll remove that info that you’ve had no problem displaying for the whole world to see, but this is the second time you’ve used the F word directed at me and there won’t be a third, alright??

          • @repete. Fuck you for playing your little game and putting my info out here where I didn’t put it. I just had an issue with the fake post, mentioned it and you all get together and defend your little clique without thinking about my point. Go ahead. Be the same and ban me fuckhead. Thanks for acting the almighty mod and threatening me. Now you can ban me to and delete all this. Thanks Rigoremortis for being so openminded and accepting of criticism. Read your own rules.

        • Surprise! Your name is now Princess or perhaps I’m you. LOL It was and is RIDICULOUS! Doesn’t matter….dumb and dumber can think whatever. I sure did get a “warm” welcome yesterday….if you want to say being harassed and accused and assumed on being basically a troll of some sort. No big deal……I’m a big girl….I can handle someone else having a different opinion……it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

          OK Princess? LOL

  10. I think I would be bawling if I was looking at a piece of my child’s dead body, especially one that I had just picked up. She doesn’t seem anywhere close to crying. I get her being pissed off about it, she just doesn’t seem sad enough.

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