Kenyan Man Is Lynched For Practicing Witchcraft

A man in Kisumu, Nyanza, Kenya was beaten by a crowd of locals in his village after they accused him of being a witch. Locals accused the man of practicing witchcraft and putting a curse on one of the town’s businesses, so when the man came into town on February 2, 2018.. villagers surrounded him and started beating him. The video only shows the beating of the man, but since this is Kenya.. I have a feeling it went a lot further after the video cut off. We all know how Kenyans love to set people on fire after all.

8 thoughts on “Kenyan Man Is Lynched For Practicing Witchcraft

    • Hmmm, history just keeps repeating itself. This hapless soul deserved a trial, a witch trial, as in medieval Europe, like the puritans psyched out on LSD in Salem or the catholics up to their usual crap everywhere. Then burning someone at the stake as the crowd cheered on, hoping to catch a little sneak peek of the clothes being burned off. Sick ignorant bastards.

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