Boar Goes Hog Wild on Humans

This little piggy went hog wild all over these people. I’m not sure where the video was taken, but fuck it, this boar is getting some revenge for his piggy brethern lol. He starts off attacking one man and a couple others start hitting the enraged animal but it has no effect, he chases them off and then head butts a woman who walked into the middle of the whole mess. This one was good and I for one welcome our swine overlords!

Thanks to @mrspink.

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23 thoughts on “Boar Goes Hog Wild on Humans

  1. That boar was a bully…gave no pussy pass either. He was like here’s some for you to cunt!
    But Fuckin these humans couldn’t find anything better than brooms and cell phones? We’re they seriously calling 911? 🤣 man I’d fight that beast with a baseball bat or butcher knife. Either way that fuckers head would be on my wall,and boar meat in my freezer.

  2. That pig was gonna eat the first guy down. He was just waiting for the other competition for his meal to leave or fight for the carcass. Those heroes didn’t seem to give a crap about the high heeled girl. She kept telling the pig she was calling the pigs and he better leave, now, or he was gonna be in big trouble.

    • @harumph that’s really sad considering we imposed on to their land and as long as we keep clear cutting down their environment they’re going to keep going further and further into our neighborhoods. There has to be a better way and it saddens me that they have to be put down so that others can be safe.

      Trainwreck sad

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