Young Boy Pulled Out Of Bag After Drowning

I don’t know what’s going on here. The video shows a group of people setting a big tied bag on the ground and you can clearly hear people crying all around. Some of the men in the crowd empty the bag to reveal a dead child. The little boy looks to be about 10 or 11, and he is dripping wet. His legs are tied which means someone did this intentionally. The man who picks the child up must be his father or at least a close family member by his reaction. I’m assuming someone tied the boy up and then put him in the bag and threw him into the water causing him to drown, but I haven’t found any info on this yet. He could’ve possibly been dead when put inside the bag.. I am still looking for information. I will update the post when/if I find anything.

26 thoughts on “Young Boy Pulled Out Of Bag After Drowning

  1. Translation (not really πŸ˜† ):
    – “Come on Amir, open your gift! This is from all of us to you, my friend!”
    – “Alright alright… how do i open this, i dont want to ruin the wrap…”
    – “Its fine…”
    – “*Gasp!* Its a boy! Thank you! I allways wanted to have one of my own… *cries*”
    – “He liked it! *cheers*”

    …yeah i know im going to hell, but i’d better make myself confortable for it while am at it. πŸ˜†

  2. Looks like India up in the highlands. Those rattles after he is picked up sound like AK 47s firing in the distance. Seems like a conflict zone.

  3. That poor Dad… 😒
    This is one of many reasons I choose to not have a child. Besides having very little patience. But Having to make sure they don’t die before me would be frightening. No child should die before their parents. Granted I’m not in a country like that but shit, talk about constant anxiety.

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