Man Has Can Of Fanta Removed From His Ass

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had a post about another crazy guy shoving something up his ass and it getting stuck. This time it’s a big soda can of Fanta. The man is in the hospital under anesthesia, naked and spread wide open for the world to see his business while the doctor attempts to remove the full soda can. But, the can is accidentally punctured as the doctor is pulling it out and soda sprays evvvvverywhere. I wonder how much of it ended up in the doctors face? Ewwww. Guys.. stop sticking weird things up your ass!! They make sex toys for all the ass play you want, buy one! Never will I look at soda cans the same way.

25 thoughts on “Man Has Can Of Fanta Removed From His Ass

  1. Why are some people so stupid? Whenever I stick a can of anything up my ass I always make sure that my asshole doesn’t slam the door shut on it. These idiots always let it get just a bit too far in their excitement and then, “Slam!!!. The door closes and it’s then long, long hours of deliberating about how long can I live with this can up my ass or how much embarrassment can I live with by going to the ER to get it out. One good thing about Ass Canners. They always seem to choose embarrassment over death from not being able to shit till death.

  2. @louis. Of course electrolytes is good. It’s what gives it the get up and go pleasure when you stick electrolytes in a can up your ass. It’s sort of “electric” eccentric and eclectic all at the same time. It’s elemental. Cans were made to be stuck up our asses. Were you asking permission or “Jes sayn”? ; )

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