Bunion Surgery

Bunion Surgery

Happy Monday guys! I think many of us know someone who has dealt with bunions or perhaps you, yourself, have had the displeasure of experiencing one. Bunions form when your toes are squeezed together causing the joint of the big toe to increase in size which can be very painful. While they won’t disappear on their own, some people can change their shoe style, use inserts or little wraps to help relieve the pain but others have to resort to surgery. In today’s video a doctor is teaching some residents while performing a bunionectomy. The patient’s foot is already open and you can see the bony bunion sticking out. The doc walks us through the procedure as he files it down. These particular surgeries actually take a long time to heal as you’re looking at about 6 months to fully recover. Stay away from tight shoes everyone!

20 thoughts on “Bunion Surgery

  1. SHEMP: Bunion ache!
    RADIO HOST: Bunion 8! That is absolutely correct, Mr. Howard! You have just won the $50,000 jackpot!
    SHEMP: $50,000?!!! I’ll be right over!

    Portion of the script of The Three Stooges 137, A Missed Fortune, 1952

    Whenever I hear of or see bunions, I think of this. πŸ˜†

    • @harumph…Are these residual memories happening in your older years or are you actually still able to recall these memories of the Three Stooges in a coherent fashion? Or are you just a Three Stooges buff? : ) lol.

      • @theluvmuscle,

        My mind and memory are indeed coherent so far, and still hyperactive, I’m afraid. I’m just slower, smaller and cannot tote as large a load. I’ve come to the conclusion that my shrinkage has proportionally gone straight to my ears, nose, hands and feet. This has not reached alarming status. Thank you for your concern and your questions!



        • @harumph. Yeah, I understand. My hair gas gone from the original post puberty places and gone to my nose, ears. How did your proportionality turn out? I am just amazed sometimes at the details some people can recall about certain things they like. Like my son with sports stats. I’m more of a general, overall recaller of things, but not down to a lot of detail. Thats all. no offense.

  2. Bunions are sort of like wearing your panties in a wedgie for too long for too many days or months. Your pussy starts to grow around the wedgie material, forming a sort of callus on the labia that just gets larger and more hard with time. Filing it down is usually the most common procedure at this point. Toes are almost the same, but getting the toe jam out first is similar.

  3. When I was little I had a pair of white cowboy boots that I was obsessed with. The toe was pointed and shoved my little feet into them. I don’t remember ever having any pain while I wore them, but I’d also stepped on a big-ass nail that pierced through my foot and I just pulled it out and kept running around playing outside with no shoes on. I was a tough kid. Well, my mom kept taking the shoes away but I’d always find them and squeeze into them. One day she finally got rid of them for good. I don’t know why I loved those boots so much, I hate cowboy boots now. Anyway, both of my feet have big bunions, but I rarely have pain from them. Hopefully I won’t ever need this surgery.

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