Man Found Hacked Up In Woods

An unidentified man was found out in the woods in Sergipe, Brazil. Authorities have released little information on the case aside from the obvious; that he was severely mutilated about the head and shoulders with what is most likely a machete. No info as to the motive for the murder either, but it created a gruesome find for some unlucky chap taking a stroll in the woods.

Props to the Pink!

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14 thoughts on “Man Found Hacked Up In Woods

  1. I don’t think its a man. The bra strap is a suggestion of something else, as well as the smooth and womanly sleekness of the legs, with a bit of age on them. Perhaps something a person would find in the woods, lurking. Yes, a “Lurk”… That’s it. Also, the G string strap above the shorts.

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