Piece Of Shit Man Torturing His Children

If you have an issue watching anything child related, this is your warning not to watch this video. I can’t figure out which country this is, possibly Malaysia or Indonesia. A man is shown torturing two children who I assume are his. One little boy that looks around the age of three is hanging by a rope around his neck while he is whipped over and over. The little girl on the ground in also hit several times until both kids are screaming their little lungs out. The baby crawling around looks to have escaped a beating.. at least while the camera was on. Hopefully whoever this piece of shit is will get what’s coming to him soon. I vote sending him to a Brazilian prison for awhile. They seem to love child abusers and love giving them the proper punishment they deserve.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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20 thoughts on “Piece Of Shit Man Torturing His Children

  1. Why do I get the feeling that someone is using “pay for play”.. pay some fuck to torcher children for there own pedo pleasures..that young boy sure had a strong neck..& the girl best to play dead..obviously no pants on kids mean very low iq of parental figures..& the switch he used very thin & would surely not make a much welting…why oh why are humans still on this planet..why the earth hasn’t just said fuck you all you parasites & took us all out

    • @devileena… Because, in the wisdom of the universe, suffering is part of being alive. Then you fucking die. Life’s a bitch… We humans will be here until we aren’t any longer. Then, some other manifestation of life will take our place. Will that next manifestation consider what we consider now to be evil as evil? Or just a part or a condition of existence for the beings that follow us? Our shock is only really based upon our empathy for the sufferer. Until it’s us, personally. And then we die.

    • I suspect the same. There is another video on here, that is a perfect example..it’s almost …..on display, staged. This one too. Across the tracks on the other side of the Web, I found some sick shit called hurtcore. I’m guessing this is what that is. Humanity is worthless.

  2. Forget the Brazilian prison style punishment, just string the guy up by his hands and remove his clothes and let everyone who walks by pick up a cane and whip him until he has no skin left on him……hopefully over the course of days or even weeks rather than quickly. I have zero mercy for these kinds of people.

  3. The man is a coward. I’d like to see how well he’d do if someone larger than him metes out the same punishment on him. And who’s the sick camera operator? Only a pair of sick freaks could mastermind this brutality then get it posted online.

  4. This is How they train Cambodian Officials in Cambodia. Hang ’em High and whoop their asses because they should know better than to ask questions. Right? Reminds me of Acneska. Fucking bitch. Silence the questioners.

  5. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope……. I cannot and will not watch this video…. What kind of horrible fuck would do this to his own children??? This same exact thing should happen to him as well … Until he is screaming the same way… Trust and Believe Karma Works fast and hard now’adays this man will get what he has coming

  6. Here’s the shit heads name and situation as reported You’re Welcome
    The parent, identified by police as Chain Singh, 33, was filmed as he beat his half-naked son, who is believed to be five-years-old. He also whipped his young daughter who cowered by a wall while a baby crawled nearby in horrifying video footage said to be shot by the cruel man’s brother.
    Police have now arrested both Singh and his brother Vatta, whose age is unknown.
    The shocking video shows the angry dad brutally bash his crying children with a cane after they ate mud and soiled themselves in the village of Phukiyathar in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, local media report. Police Inspector Mangi Lal said: “He said he was beating them because they used to eat mud and defecate in their pants. The video was shot by Singh’s brother.”

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