Package Stealing Bitch Receives Instant Karma

I hate thieves so much, but boy do I love instant karma. This dumb thieving bitch also known as a porch pirate was going around a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington stealing packages off of people’s porches. On this particular rainy morning, the thief and her buddy followed a UPS driver as he dropped off packages. When the UPS driver pulls away.. it’s not long before the thieves pull up to the driveway and the woman gets out of the passenger side of the car to run grab the packages. She grabs them and on her way back to the car she slips on wet grass.. snapping her leg. She can’t get up, so her partner has to get out to help her. He managed to half carry her bitch ass back to the car, but of course he runs and collects the packages so they can finish stealing shit that’s not theirs. The owner of the house said the packages contained important medications that her husband needs, but other than that.. she thought the incident was very comical and felt the woman got what she deserved. What’s today’s lesson, class? Don’t fucking steal.

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37 thoughts on “Package Stealing Bitch Receives Instant Karma

  1. Damn I love this video, even though they still got away with the packages.
    They should be able to get her at a local hospital now.

    The only that could’ve made this even better was if someone jumped in their car and took off when the doors were wide open.

  2. Ah Snohomish County. I know it well. Operated around there for a very long time. Met my wife there, had my two children there. It’s a beautiful county but the crime rates are rising with it’s population influx. Bitch got what she deserved though. Couple of dope heads looking to make a buck to feed that monkey on their backs.

      • @re-pete , im gonna explain how it works here in “not-so-#1” Europe… πŸ˜† The delivery is made directly to the person’s doorstep, just like anywhere else, in case the person doesnt answer the door, if they have the phone number, the delivery person will ask if is there anyone else of trust available to accept the package (neighbours, family, friends, etc). In case theres no one available, generally a pickup notification will be left in the mailbox, and the package will return to the nearby post office (identified in the notification) for the person to pick it up. They dont leave the package at the doorstep and say “Fuck you, you should be at home for it!”… because thats a very ‘murican way of doing shit. πŸ˜†

        • @derkopfsammler
          That’s mostly up to the recipient over here because they always offer “signature required” , but many decline it because its extra cost and they know they’ll come home from work and see that yellow slip and then have to go to the post office, most likely on the weekend,to pick it up.
          That would be my case because I work from 8:30 to 5:00pm most of the time and my post office is open from 8:00 to 5:00pm, so I take the risk as well and just have them leave at the door.

          • Well in here signatures are free, and post offices are open from 9:00am to 6:00pm (and they’re open untill a bit later sometimes), so we dont have that issue here.

          • @re-pete @derkopfsammler

            Same here as for Der K. Nothing is left outside unless you’re stupid enough to ask them to do so. If that’s the case you deserve to lose it. All mail, including letters, is taken to the door. Doors in the UK have letterboxes and you lift the flap and push the letters through the door to the inside of the property. Parcels are never just left, even if they don’t require a signature. Postman will knock at your door and if there is no answer he will leave a card and you have to either go and collect it yourself or rearrange a delivery day when someone will be home – you can even have it sent to a local post office close to where you work so you can maybe collect it at lunchtime. The other option is an arrangement for neighbours who are at home to take delivery for you.

            The mail in the UK is important because all mail in transit is considered to be the property of the Queen until delivered. Mail/parcels are never left outside unattended.

    • With all due respect, the reason packages are delivered this way in America is simply the fact that virtually all Americans who are ordering shit also work for a living, during 8-5 daytime hours, and are not at home to accept packages. And since literally tens of millions of packages are delivered here daily, by four major carriers, there isn’t enough time to play phone tag with the customers about delivering to a neighbor, who aren’t home anyway, because their asses are at work, too. And, employers in America as a general rule don’t allow employees to receive personal packages at work.

      • Same as in here, but we only need a single carrier (CTT) to work them all out, all the other carriers work with that main one for deliveries if they dont have a headquarters. They have even extended pickup times for those that get out of work, usually they have the doors open untill 7pm. Its not everytime carriers phone customers in here though, the main one just leaves the notification letter in the mailbox in case no one answers. Maybe carriers in there should invest in a better delivery system, warehouse network, or just improving their fleet capacity.

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