Man Is Dismembered Part Two

Man Is Dismembered Part Two

Remember our unfortunate friend from a couple of days ago? Well, we all thought there was more to see and there is a shit ton more. The video starts where the first left off finishing the second arm but then it gets even more fucked up. These sick fucks cut him open until his intestines are exposed. He is clearly in a state of shock but that deep cut seems to get a reaction out of him. This guy is barely holding onto life and yet cruel fate keeps him breathing. When they start slicing off a huge chunk of his chest he finally dies. From the look on his face when they started in on his belly he felt that shit, there was no numbness that took over. This is truly a fucked up way to die.

Thank you Nextie for finding the second part!

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79 thoughts on “Man Is Dismembered Part Two

  1. I was sad but the ending made me giggle, he says:
    – “The heart is here, right?”
    – “No, the heart is there, there”
    – “You don’t even know where the heart is lol”
    – “Haha calm down, I cutted the wrong side”
    – “It’s on the left side, porra!”

  2. I chose not to watch the first part and I’m not gonna watch this either. Gratuitous torture for fun is something only the perpetrators deserve in return and will come back on them in kind.

        • On the other hand, I would have no problem doing this to someone if it was to save someone I loved and I was sure of it… Or it was to save my fellows and I knew that this one had the right answers. But, no condemnation of those here who choose to watch this, my feeling is that this barbarity for the fun of the perpetrators and filming it for consumption of potential viewers goes too far. I wouldn’t want to feel like my viewership contributed to shit like this. @hopingfornemesis, @re-pete, @ipconfig.

          • @theluvmuscle
            No doubt to save the life of a loved one I could do this. And even then only in certain circumstances. Could I do this to an innocent baby where if I didn’t someone would kill mine? THAT would be a hard one and I would probably save mine. But just some innocent. Or for pleasure nope. Not in a million. Revenge for harming or killing my kid? I’d opt for a simple bullet before I did this sick shit. It takes a special fucked up somebody to actually carve out chunks of a live person just for kicks. Or because they belong in another gang. Just couldn’t do it. I know that we are all animals and given the right situations, we all will do things we would never imagine normally. But torture is on some next level shit. You have to ENJOY that shit. I just don’t understand why someone would do this. Which is probably why I am so fascinated by it. Seems strange on the face of it but I am curious about the world and all the fucked up shit in it.

          • @theluvmuscle
            I agree, I could definitely do some barbaric shit if it meant saving someone I love or also for certain family members!
            As I’m pretty sure many members here would do the same.

            It makes me think of Rick “Mother Fucken” Grimes going cannibal to save his sons life. We all have that survival instinct in us, lets just hope we’re never put to that test to begin with.
            I mean I’d definitely bite somebody’s beak right off if it meant saving my baby.

            I agree with everything else IP-Config said as well.

          • Hey @gorycory. Gotta scroll a long way up on this reply. I was On the Constellation, 1980 -’84. The Shitty Kitty used to berth at NASNI with us sometimes when we were both in port at same time. A buddy of mine, who I work with, was on The Connie sometime around ’96 – ’97 ABM I believe. Flight deck ops, yellow shirt. So, we’re shipmates Cory..… ; ) Lol. Like bein’ married, eh. What did you do to get to be on 3 different carriers. I bet you were with a Squadron.
            Gotta give my 2 cents to the below.

        • @re-pete

          This was a HUGE issue in the US at the beginning of the War On Terror. Waterboarding and torture was employed by the CIA openly. Guantanamo Bay and all that. And the same question was posed. Is it ok for the CIA to torture a prisoner if there was a way to get actionable intelligence from him/her to prevent a terrorist attack. And it was a tough subject to be sure. many were in favor and many not. Those opposed (besides the bleeding hearts) were against in large part because they didn’t want to go against the Geneva accords. As well as not wanting to expose our troops to the same techniques by other powers. But it was hard to argue with the fact that terrorist organizations were not paying attention to those accords. So should they be given those protections? Also, they weren’t a nation state but independent actors. A hard question to answer indeed.

          Now I have no illlusions as to the fact that the CIA was gonna torture no matter what. They have a long history of it, and what happens on their “Black Sites” well almost never reach our ears. But it is a good question as to if it’s ok to torture for information that will save lives. But I still wonder how many of our CIA personnel enjoyed their work.

          • Very hard question Ip. I willstick my neck out here.

            Inbthebmain,I am against it.

            Why?because I think they will do the same to us and we lose our moral high ground.
            Moral high ground might not be important to us or the enemy but it certainly is to third parties: the ones you want to become your allies or moral supporters.

            Also, I think someone will say anything under torture.How do you know ,it is the truth? If you do know it is the truth ,why did you need to torture to get that info at all?

            I am not a soldier and have never been in battle like you but I am just saying.


          • I served under Reagan during the Cold war, 1980 to 1984 but not in any actual combat. Just prepping for a big fucking one with the Soviets mostly. And there were the other pesky little ones, like Quadaffi, Iran, Grenada, etc. during that time. Serving on an Aircraft Carrier with a Battle Group in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific you are very aware that you are a major target for a Nuke strike if that kind of war had begun… and we practiced for it. To the point of practicing maneuvers to survive a nuclear blast taking place near to us. I always had the thought that if we get somehow get to that point, it is pretty much over with, for us, as well as our families and friends back home.
            In retrospect, even though things would have happened on a much larger scale if nuclear war had broken out with Mutually Assured Destruction as the deterrent to it, today, we live in more dangerous times on a smaller scale and with many more opportunities for something bad to happen at home, here in the U.S. and also to our friends in the world. There was a lot more control in the world when hell could have been unleashed, devastatingly, upon much of it. The large powers dealt with each other with a much greater degree of respect. Today, there is the threat from terrorists and rogue countries who are not so worried about themselves or their fellow countrymen and feel little to lose in their destructive goals. It is much more dangerous in our current times and in light of that, things have changed in the way we deal with the threats we face today. As well as how we must have to confront them. It is no longer Mutually Assured Destruction and the respect for the other as we had to deal with then, but assured destruction to a lot of our fellows now, if we do not get it right all of the time.
            In the world today, I hate to say, there are people who hate us so much that they would like to see us all dead. It comes down to us or them in an animalistic fight for survival… Whether you can see it, imagine it, or not, it is there. We do what has to be done. Imagine it. @ipconfig, @hopingfornemesis, @re-pete

          • @theluvmuscle
            I was stationed on board an Aircraft Carrier during the first Gulf war. So I can relate to TheLuvMuscle as to the tensions and training. And like you, I believe that if it all went to shit, we were first to go as well everyone else.
            The issue of torture wasn’t on my mind then because I was a young kid who had no idea what I was doing or what politics was all about. The big enemy was the Russians and Saddam, not so much terrorism.

            And I have to agree with Hoping in that I don’t think torture is a reliable way to get info. And it does harm our moral standing in the world. I am against it. These sick fucks in these videos are simply animals looking for a chance to unleash their fury on anyone they can and need to be destroyed. In general, I am a peace loving guy. But I know that there are those out there who only understand violence such as terrorists and dictators. They have to be dealt with harshly and brutally. Our military should only be deployed though if we are going to allow them to do what they are DESIGNED to do which is to destroy. Tip toeing around because of possible civilian casualties is not what our military is designed to do. And it may, in fact, cause our troops to be in unnecessary danger. It could also prolong an already bloody war. Those who hate us to the point of violence need to be destroyed. PERIOD.

          • Yep.I agree with you both.
            Aircraft carriers will be ten thousand dead per carrier within first five secs of war starting. You have both heard what happened to us ships by Russians last year with “zapper”fly over.I read sailors resigned in droves many with psychiatric symptoms .No doubt Nato has similar tech as well.

            The point is we do not want to let our idiots and idiot leaders ever get us into a position like that.

          • @theluvmuscle

            It makes me wonder if torturing even works.
            Nobody wants to be tortured and if they were being forced to give up any kind information, they’d probably give it up right before the torturing starts.

            Once they’re being tortured, they’ll say anything just to make them stop, being that they didn’t have anything to give up before the torturing started.
            So you’d have to wonder how much truth was in the information they gave under those extreme situations.

            You’re right, we do what we have to do.
            It just comes down to survival now.
            Just enjoy life one day at a time, but be locked and loaded if that other time comes.

          • @hopingfornemesis. The Russians always did flyovers on our Navy ships, etc. They flew a Bear Backfire Bomber over our Carrier, at about 30,000 feet, in the middle of the South Pacific in 1982. They have always done that and so have we. We knew they were coming hours before they arrived and we met them with F-14s before they even got close. Now, if these most recent ones were a surprise to our Navy, something is def wrong with our Navy. That’s hard to believe, but if so, something’s really fucked up.

          • @theluvmuscle
            Yes. I believe you.
            My concern was the zapper weapon that rendered billions of us taxpayer dollars into instant sardine cans.
            Problems indeed!
            And as a former Navy man you would know about the Us navy crashing into other ships lately and Admirals and Captains being “dishonorably discharged” because of it.

          • @theluvmuscle
            The so called “Donald Cook” incident is a total and utter hoax. The fly by happened but nothing the Russians did shut down anything on the ship. The Russians didn’t even do anything to attack the ship in any way or render it defenseless. It is a lie. And for more reasons than I can mention here. I went over this with someone once and wrote out paragraph after paragraph as to why this simply didn’t happen. The first of which is the fact that we are NOT at war with Russia over this situation. For Russia to have done something like this, it would have considered an ATTACK. And the US would certainly have responded militarily. This aint about hacking into Sony’s website here. This is a high end surface combatant operating on in international waters on the open sea. And these captains are allowed to protect their ship. Even if the Russians possessed a weapon powerful enough to knock out AEGIS tech, they would NOT use it unless there was a full blown shooting war.

            Also, the Russians claim that most of the ship’s company tendered their resignations. This is also false. You mean to tell me that people are gonna quit the USN because the lights went out? Or because they were suddenly so frightened by this super sinister weapon that they lost their minds from pure fright? We know what we sign up for when we VOLUNTEER to sign up for the armed forces. We are WILING to go to war and know very well that we can die. To suggest that most of a ship’s company resigned over something like this is preposterous. And another thing. Only officers can resign from the service. Enlisted persona CANNOT. You sign a contract and they have your ass for the duration of your allotted time. There is no getting out because you caught a fright. This is the friggin US Navy, not the Boy Scouts.

            AEGIS isn’t perfect, but it is VERY robust. And hardened to EMP and other similar possible attacks. The USN doesn’t field weapons and systems that do not work for the most part. Especially a system as vital and necessary as AEGIS. It is a proven, tested technology, and is being EXPANDED to shore as well as other ships in the fleet. If it was such a fail, they would not be using it, let alone expanding it’s platforms.

            Lastly, the only so called “credible” sources on this incident are Russian (imagine that?). Or some other source that is at odds with the US. If this happened, Congress would be up in arms over it. There would be hearing, after hearing. It would be almost IMPOSSIBLE to keep this a secret.

          • @ipconfig
            Yeah, IP. Totally agree with you. Our shipboard SPS 48 radars may have been able to burn out a few tubes on high power in some planes, but it would’ve taken a fucking big EMP or a Huge energy source to zap a ship. Aircraft just don’t have the power unless it was an EMP nuke. I say BS. Also because I never heard of this Event. As far as the ship accidents, it sounds like laziness and a few shit for nothing Captains and Admirals letting things go. We always knew where other vessels were and how to avoid collisions and this information was always pushed up to the Commanding officer and the Bridge watch. Pussy was probably the fatal problem… And too much reliance on automated systems. ; )

          • I am sorry ip.I disagree with you.

            No one said most sailors are ill just that a significant portion have asked for reassignment and many displayed fear and psychiatric symptoms.I am not doubting your bravery in the face of fire just the unblooded sailors.

            nato tech has proven faulty on many occasions. Just look at recent strike fighter plane fiasco.

            No I do not believe a Us captain would go to war with Russia over an incident like this.Russian plane was unarmed except Emp weapon pod. There is no way Us would touch a Russian asset directly.That would certainly lead to WWIII.

            The fact that no official us source confirms or denies yet means little to army etc consistently denies until truth is exposed.Just like crash in straits of molucca.The truth will always out.The fact that the ship did not return there and had to be towed speaks volumes.

            We can agree to disagree on this one ip.we can still be friends.

            Let’s follow case and update one another here.


          • Sorry luvmuscle.same response as I had for ip.
            You not hearing about it is not that surprising though.unless you watch/ listen non -mainstream media as well you wont hear much truth. We know main channels wont show such.


          • @hopingfornemesis

            Hoping, I never said that most sailors asked to leave either. The hoax postulates that a large number of crewmen asked to leave because of so called psychological trama. This is LAUGHABLE. And not because I’m some special kind of brave person. All that would have happened is that the ship’s systems would have shut down if you believe the story. No explosions, no deaths, no injuries. Just a power failure. And you believe that was enough to cause mass hysteria or panic to the point where people either wanted to be re-assigned or leave the Navy altogether? Not hardly. Military equipment often has issues, but for the MOST part is reliable. It may not work every single time, but it works damn near all the time. Which why we drill, drill, drill. Combat drills, fire fighting drills, rescue drills. And we have to qualify for those jobs and positions. The equipment also has to qualify so to speak. It is tested almost on a daily depending on what system. And that much preparedness is for a reason. So we don’t get caught with our pants down in a real scenario.

            Nobody displayed “psychiatric symptoms” over this. Because failures of one type or another occur ALL THE TIME. Often times, command purposefully turns critical systems OFF and have a surprise drill to see how we perform. So why in hell have there not been similar mass requests for reassignment or people downright quitting over things like that?

            Bottom line bro, with respect, you have no idea what you are talking about on this. You have no proof other than some flimsy article. You just WANT to believe it and nothing I say will change that in your mind. Because you simply are not in possession of enough facts to come to any conclusion at all. I happen to have extensive experience with actually serving in the navy and know how and why this hoax is, indeed a hoax.

            Navy tech has proven faulty on NEW, mostly not even FIELDED equipment. The F35 for instance had almost all of its problems in the development stage. Not as a full fighter wing. Which is where problems are most likely to be as it is a brand NEW platform. AEGIS has been around in the field since at least 1988. It is not currently being developed except for upgrades. It is a tried, tested, and RELIABLE platform.

            Lastly, you are completely WRONG if you dont think that a Navy Captain would not defend his ship if it was under attack. What you dont understand is that an EMP IS a weapon. Just like anything else. And that Captain would see that EMP as a prelude to another ATTACK with another WEAPON. They would defend themselves. Which is why Russia, China, and nobody else INCLUDING the US just launch random EMP attacks just for shits and giggles. Because, yes, it WOULD lead to WWIII. And the Russians are VERY well aware of that. After this flyby, the ship sailed under its OWN power to Romania. It did NOT have to be towed.

            Official US sources DO speak about this hoax and DENY it so I dont know what your source is claiming that no Official US source confirms or denies it.

            Anyway, believe whatever fairy tails help you sleep at night. You have your alternative facts, and conspiracies. There is no debating with people with that mindset because, like I said, you believe in an alternate set of facts. Even though you have NO basis upon which to form a real, rational opinion. No Navy experience to draw upon. No official sources other than tabloid information. No objective facts to operate from. Either way, the shit simply didnt happen or we would be at war with Russia as we speak. THAT should be proof enough.

          • Did i not suggest we update each other on this? I am not convinced either way. If i see some proof it was a hoax i will believe it.I am not above believing the Russians are bullshitting just as Us does.

            You will remember i am the first to admit that i have not served in the defence forces. I mentioned it maybe a week ago here on rigore.

            My point is that IF it is a new weapon and TRUE the ship would have NO drill protocol .It is new ,thus a total surprise!

            So let us keep our eyes and ears open and we will see.

          • Lol @hopingfornemesis

            Again, you seem not to grasp this. A weapon is a weapon, new OR old. If that plane launched an Electronic Warfare ATTACK on that vessel, there would have been WAR. Pure and simple. The command structure for the US is totally different from Russia. Commanders do not have to ask permission to be able to defend themselves from an attack. They have that leeway already. And, in fact, if they do NOT respond to or defend against an attack, they would be removed from command. The Russian command structure is different in that they are more centrally controlled and have to get permission from headquarters to take such action.

            New weapon or old, if there was an attack by a hostile plane towards a surface combatant like the Cooke, there would have been a violent response. The commander of that ship has the right and the DUTY to protect the ship, its personnel, and any friendlies in the area. It is a MANDATE. If they dont protect themselves, people die. And what better way to ensure a response than to use a weapon designed to render inept the platform the whole ship is designed around. Russia would NEVER risk such an action unless they wanted war.

            You should research the rules of engagement for US forces. Especially on International waters. And maybe look into similar incidents such as the Cuban Missile Crises. Even a starburst illumination round being fired by our ships was almost mistaken for an attack. We almost had WWIII over what amounts to a sparkler on steroids.

          • @ipconfig
            HEY! So was I! My first Westpac was on the Kittyhawk in ’94, then my second cruise on the Nimitz in ’95-’96 , and my last deployment was on the Constellation in ’97.

          • @ipconfig
            I have been speaking wirh you in the past because I thought you to be a reasonable man.
            I do not intend to have a flame war here about this topic here.I am happy to take it up on a war blog of your choice ,however.

            You seem to have a romanrtic notion that the US is invincible.It is not.You seem to believe that the US can and will react whenever it chooses to. It can not and will not.

            I was too polite to remark to you that can rebut your argument in a second.

            Do you remember when the Chinese downed a US spy plane and forced the US to collect its plane in pieces in a crate and fly its crew out of China in a humiliated position? I do.

            Do you know of the Liberty incident where Israel machine-gunned US sailors in the water.?

            Are you aware of the fact that China made a US president exit a plane from the back door and an honour guard Chinese screamed at him and humiliated him with no repercussions?

            Are you aware that the Philippino president humiliated a US president talking about sons of bitches?

            Do you know Russian vessels have literally pushed US ships out of their home Russian waters without repercussions.?

            So your argument that the Donald Cook incident did not happen simply because it would have led to war does not hold water.

            The US has and will swallow slights because it cannot do otherwise.

            I will not read up further re US engagement rules because I have more important things to do and I know that those rules will be trampled on just as has happened in the past. Furthermore, I would be more interested in my own country’s rules of engagement.

            I must admit , I have given you a neutral source “Veterans today” ,yet you one person believes you know better than the sum knowledge of such a body. In addition, there are many geopolitical defence specialists that agree with me.

            I have said I am prepared to look at the evidence yet you seem to be inflexible.

            I will not discuss this here anymore.

          • @hopingfornemesis and @ipconfig… I have to say that everything IP told you is correct and good info from a very knowledgeable source. He knows what he’s talking about.
            As far as Russians playing games with our ships and subs, that has almost always gone on between us, and if there had actually been any kind of “attack” on one of our ships, it would have been countered with equal or greater force by the Commander of that ship or the Commander of the Task Force in Command or on up the line. If anyone was trying to get out of the Navy it was the women sailors who had gotten pregnant while at sea by some random seaman (semen), because women who get pregnant don’t have to follow the same rules as the men and have a uterus as a get out free card. Glad I wasn’t in when women were allowed the “equality” to serve aboard combat ships. I didn’t have to deal with all the BS and chaos that sort of equality brings into some situations. I have always thought that if you want equality in the Service, give women their own ships. Otherwise its a diversion that takes away from the mission…Sex, desire, creation of boundaries, fights, jealousies, pregnancies, etc, etc, etc… PC bullshit. Saying that professionalism is the answer to counter it is bullshit. Doesn’t work when testosterone and estrogen come together in young people in restricted areas.
            As far as any collisions at sea go, it has happened many times in the past and the Captain of the ship is usually held fully responsible and the truth is always out there. In 1980- ’81 the Captain of the ship I served on later collided with a tanker and he was held fully accountable and it was public knowledge, just like the recent ones. It is the only way to assure that all commanders completely understand their responsibility. You fuck up, you are done. Now the same as any other time in the US Navy.
            @hopingfornemesis. You sound as if you are either not from the U.S., you do not like the U.S. or you believe as you like to believe, that the U.S. is a failed piece of shit and you are all for that, with a note of glee in your words in the way you assuredly argue your case… With BS from whatever or wherever source you dug into for your “Info”. Why do you seem so happy to spew BS and at the same time admit you don’t know for sure, but you heard it from somewhere, so it must be true? Does it make you feel good ?

          • @theluvmuscle

            Luvmuscle, I said Iwould not discuss this here and I meant it. Flame wars are not my thing.

            However, I have private messaged you here out of courtesy. If you wish to republish it then that is your business.

            I will have a read of the article you have listed and look forward to discussing other topics with you.

          • @hopingfornemesis

            Hoping, I never once said that the US is invincible. I was in the military remember? Russia can destroy the US. China could as well. Because they have Nuclear ICBMs. And to a limited extent so could India, Pakistan, and even Israel. Because they have Nukes. And only a few are needed to render a nation incapable of protecting itself.

            The fact that I point out the truth to you seems to get you all buthurt. If anyone, its YOU who has some romantic notion that the US wouldnt defend itself from an attack from Russia, our top nemesis. And the fact that North Korea has a nuclear weapons program active as we speak proves that the US CANNOT just react whenever it wants to and be successful. Otherwise that problem would NOT exist. I am FULLY aware that US might has its limits.

            But I also know FAKE NEWS when I see it. Obviously you are gullible and easily mislead. Something I cannot help you with. All I can do is present the FACTS. Its up to you if you chose to be rational or continue to live in Never Never Land with Alice.

            I will set you straight on some more facts here.

            The Chinese did not “Down” a us spy plane. A Chinese jet COLLIDED with the US plane over international waters. And the crew was FORCED to land on Chinese soil or else crash. That was NOT an attack, it was an ACCIDENT of which the Chinese pilot LOST HIS LIFE. Not a valid reason to go to war, and not an ATTACK but an ACCIDENT. A foolish one but still an ACCIDENT.

            The Liberty was attacked by Israel, not Russia. It was also a spy ship, not a warship. There is still alot of mystery surround the circumstances of the incident that I am admittedly not comfortable with. But it was attacked by an ALLY, not an ENEMY. Americas closest Ally in the Middle East. The US would not risk going to war with Israel after al the time and treasure put into that nation. It is simply too valuable of an asset for the US to take more than diplomatic action about. But the thing that stands out most about it is that it was made PUBLIC. We KNOW from both sides that there, indeed was an attack. In the Cooke situation, only ONE SIDE says there was indeed an attack. And that side has a long track record of spreading lies for political gain. Also I admit that the US does too.

            Chinas supposed humiliation of Barrak Obama is NOT an attack or a reason to go to war. What nation goes to war over being slighted by the other nations honor guard? REALLY?

            Dutarte calling the US president is not a reason to go to war, same as Chinas silly honor guard . I dont even know why you equate the two with the Donald Cooke incident.

            Russian ships violate US waters and vice versa. This is an old Cold War tactic. The US has escorted Russian vessels out of our territorial waters and air space as well so I dont get the point with you even mentioning that, Russia and the US have been doing this back and forth for decades.

            Again, you misconstrue slights and humiliations with actual ATTACKS. The US has a thick enough skin to withstand a few meaningless slights. Physical attacks are different. So yea, the US has and will swallow slights. Guess who has and will swallow slights too? Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and every other nation on earth.

            A perceived slight is NOT an attack. I dont know how many times I need to explain that to you before you get the understanding of it. Heres something for you to do. Name ONE incident where an enemy of the US ATTACKED our military and the US did NOT respond in modern times? Not an accident, not a silly honor guard petty slight, not a few curse words from some third world ruler, but a real attack.

            By the way, Veterans Today is NOT a neutral source. It is a sight for CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Which is why you view them credible. Because you LOVE believing in unfounded conspiracies. Veterans Todday has an extensive list of editors, contributors, and staff that have been employed by Palestianian, Chinese, Iranian, and Russian government or military personnel. The fact that you view Veterans Today as a “Neutral Source” is laughable. And yes, I believe I have more knowledge than they do on this subject because I for one was actually IN the US Navy. None of them can claim that distinction. And I bet that all those many geopolitical defense specialists that agree with you are Russian hacks as well, imagine that?
            There are plenty of reasons to hate America. But being blind to the truth because of your hatred does nothing but mislead you and make you look foolish when you present debunked conspiracy theories as valid arguments. Also, not knowing the difference between an insult and an attack hampers your ability to make a valid point in this argument. But yeah, you go ahead and keep believing in those alternative facts.

          • @theluvmuscle

            I agree with what Luvmusle stated here. Who also have experience in the Military and specifically with surface combatant assets at sea. Russian ships, planes, and subs often harass the US military. And the US military does the same.

            As I explained earlier, China did not attack our spy plane that went down. It was a mid air collision that took that plane down. Same thing happened when a few small US boats strayed into Iranian waters. They were detained and released. In both incidents, neither was actually ATTACKED. And thus, not a prelude to war. But if there had indeed been an attack, there would have been some form of counter attack, the US has a long tradition of fighting back when provoked. And the commander of that unit is mandated to protect those who serve under him or her.

            Also, I agree with what you said about women serving in combat positions in the Navy, not a good idea.

            I am curious what country are you from @hopingfornemesis?

          • Ip. I agree with a lot of what you have said in your recent post.
            Yet you continue to personally insult me by insinuating I am a fool ,naive ,easily led etc.
            Not once have I done the same with you even though we disagree.Kindly extend me the same courtesy.

            I said I would no longer discuss this topic here and I meant it. Let us move on and fight other battles together as we have in the past.
            P.S our discussion is about Donald Cook not nationalism nor love of USA. Since you bring it up however:

            There are many Americans who do not approve of USA foreign policy.Are they necessarily less American or patriotic than those stridently approving it?


  3. Are you kidding? Had to scroll for days to get here. I go way back to the early Ogrish and thats probably one of the brutalist hack jobs ever. Cant believe he didn’t bleed out sooner. Tough as a two dollar steak!!

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