Two Girls Tied Up and Executed

Two young women were abducted from Fortaleza, a small village in the state of Ceara, Brazil, by an unknown gang. They were bound and brought to Granja Lisboa, Fortaleza. It is unknown exactly why the two women were abducted although it’s either gang or drug related. Which is usually the same thing. The two were executed with head shots and we are treated to some nice eye-poppage. The victims’ names have not yet been released.

Thanks, Pinky!

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12 thoughts on “Two Girls Tied Up and Executed

  1. @obli

    I have less sympathy if the women were involved in drugs or gangs but how do we know that they were not just wives /daughters of the bad guys.

    Should i be held responsible if my father or brother is a drug king pin yet i have nothing to do with it? Ie i do not live off their drug gang earnings?

    I agree with you, it is almost certain they were drug/gang bitches but I just raise the point.

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