Pretty Cambodian Government Worker Hangs Herself

36-year-old Jai Savatana also known as Vathana So, who was a staff member at the National Assembly of Cambodia and a member of the Cambodian People’s Party Youth Movement, was found dead of an apparent suicide in a house that she was renting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on January 26, 2018. The woman was found hanging after people became worried when she did not answer the door. Vathana was supposedly having an affair with a married man, possibly a government official which sparked a theory among social media users in Cambodia that the woman was murdered. Police have said that they do not suspect foul play and that there was a suicide letter written by Vathana that stated she was very unhappy. She also included details about the love triangle she was involved in. She had three small children who are now living with their grandmother.

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UPDATE(04-06-2018): A politician was arrested today for the murder of Vathana So and charged with her murder.

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36 thoughts on “Pretty Cambodian Government Worker Hangs Herself

    • Her name was Savatana. She had big tits cause she was half Latina… Savatana? Or because she could afford them. Worthless now. Can’t take fake titties with you where she is off to now. But, did they serve her in life well…? Perhaps along to her fate as we see here.
      Second thoughts…? Or noose just a bit too tight and uncomfortable. It would be hard to get fingers under a noose with all the weight. Must have been during the hanging that she put them there.

    • Good point, in South East Asia, they make you have a suicide, but middle aged white male tourists are more their mark. Maybe it was an accident, :0 there have been cases of children hanging themselves on window blind cords. In the one pic, the group of investigators are looking toward her bed all like “Hey you wanna take her down and lay her over there . . . 😉 And in another pic, awww, she peed.

      • In the photo of her bra strap you can see what looks like blood from a tore off nail on her right hand. She sure was a pretty lil’ package. Pretty lil’ packages can make big trouble for Cambodian “Officials”. At least she wasn’t hacked to death.

    • Agreed. Looks fishy to me. Hard to take a step up into thin air to put a noose around your neck. The hands on the noose make me think too. If she were trying to off herself why try to remove the noose because that looks like what she’s doing? Maybe someone was pulling down on her feet to stop her from getting free?

      As a CSO (which I’m not) I’d find this all suspicious and wouldn’t be quick to rule it suicide.

  1. I’m guessing if she really wanted to save herself, she could’ve turned around and grabbed those bars on the window and climbed them maybe.
    Maybe she did have second thoughts judging by her death pose.
    This whole thing looks kinda strange.

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