Man Has Nasty Head Wound Cleaned

Man Has Nasty Head Wound Cleaned

Another happy Monday to you guys! A man with a seriously bad wound to his head is being worked on. I don’t know how he was injured but someone squirts saline solution all over and pulls back the huge flap of skin to reveal his skull then gives him a next level head massage. As with any head wound, the guy is bleeding a lot and I can only guess at how many staples and/or stitches he’s going to need to seal it. His hand is often next to his head as if he wants to touch it and I’m not sure if that’s from the sensation of his wound being cleaned or if he’s doing what we’ve seen many others do where they feel a need to pull at their flesh when it’s hanging. Either way it looks like he’ll make a full recovery and will probably end up with a pretty badass scar.

Thank you Pink Pink!

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