Audio Gore: Woman Snaps Her Achilles Tendon

Tiffany Van Dyke, a 41-year-old fitness fanatic from Bay City, Texas was recording herself doing a new fitness routine when while doing an exercise called ‘high knees’, she snapped her achilles tendon. There’s not really much gore to see but oh man do you hear it. The sound alone made me cringe. I know nothing about exercise unless it involves yoga or bending my elbow to bring a burrito to my mouth, so I can’t relate. Tiffany said that it felt like her leg was on fire and that she immediately knew it was her achilles tendon. Hopefully she is making a speedy recovery. Props to the little dude for helping his mama out.

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17 thoughts on “Audio Gore: Woman Snaps Her Achilles Tendon

  1. Screw that, I’m no longer doing those other jumping high knees anymore as a warm up.
    I was just barely starting to do those again.
    I’ve always felt a little too much pull in the Achilles when doing those damn things.
    I feel worse for that kid though, he was starting to really panic.

    Thanks for posting this video Nextiedoodles because you probably saved me from using crutches for 6 weeks. I owe you 3 burritos, a Mexican pizza and a couple of chalupas to go with that.

  2. I don’t know guys. Kind of looked fake to me. Yes, the little guy sounds genuine but why is she taping herself doing her everyday exercises? Send it to her boyfriend? Come on! Why isnt she screaming? Achilles tendons are very painful!

    I am starting to think it was fugazi and she left the little guy out of it so he would lend a ring of truth to it.

    Made for gag tv shows?

  3. Fuck that!! It looked like a stupid exercise anyway… And that sound was definitely cringeworthy… Which is kind of weird because the sound on the rest of the video like the whole thing… Was crap but the snapping of that tendon was crystal clear …. Cringe-worthy the word of the day

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