Tag That Image! #55

Welcome, you monstrous MoFos, to Friday night. Welcome to Tag That Image!

And here is last week’s Tag That Image Winner!


The first one to scream has to BLOW the other two out.


Dungeon and Dragons sorority initiation.

At the Feminists convention they declared war on the phallus. You must kill it. Kill it with fire.

“They need BOOM, tough actin’ Tinactin!”

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38 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #55

    • @gezza. Lol. My Dad had a stash of Penthouse mags in the ’70s. Playboy was too tame for me then. I got to know, intimately, almost all of the girls of Penthouse… Every piece of forbidden flesh, down to the pubic hair and how it was trimmed… or not. Women just don’t understand men, and, it seems, don’t understand what makes the world keep on turning. ; )

    • Hi @thedudeabides. I’m glad to see you have finally admitted to being a chronic masturbator and that you are helpless to control yourself without a higher power to help you with your addiction. Do you have a sponsor yet?

      • @theluvmuscle It was a difficult realization but I knew I’d hit rock bottom when I got busted playing pocket pool in line at a Carl’s Jr. Anyways, I avoided jail time by agreeing to go to a support group. I’ve been clean for three days now thanks to the support of my group (we call ourselves “Jacks”) and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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