Motorcyclist Gets A Stick In The Eye

Motorcyclist Gets A Stick In The Eye

Two guys were out riding on their motorcycles through the woods when one bumped into a tree. While it seemed to be nothing serious that impact resulted in a piece of branch stabbing him right in his eye. He didn’t seem to lose control of his bike when he hit the tree but I can’t imagine that would’ve been intentional either. The guy rides for a bit longer until he rolls off his bike to lay on the ground. Per his request, his buddy picks up his helmet to record his injury. I’m not sure how much has pierced his eye but what’s sticking out is huge. Props to him for being able to get up to find help. I would’ve curled in the fetal position and cried like a bitch. Perhaps he’ll stick to clear roads from now on.

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14 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Gets A Stick In The Eye

  1. Drama queen Germans, or whatever European place they’re from. Looks like he stuck a feather in his tear duct. What’s the video cut for? To find a stick to stick in his eye? I’m sorry, but i’ve seen guys break multiple bones and still get up and ride in motocross and cross country rides, with eyeballs hanging out at the finish.

  2. Couldn’t take it easy, couldn’t take it easy
    couldn’t let the sound of ma own wheels drive me crazy
    Lighten up while I still could
    couldn’t even try to understand
    Just found a stick in ma eye I just went tizzy & it felt so uneasy
    I guess …..I oughta have taken it easy

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