Man Dies Standing Up, Instant riGOREmortis

I don’t have a clue what’s going on here. I just don’t get it. This man apparently died standing up and had instant rigor mortis? I don’t think that’s even biologically possible. I have no info on this, so you guys tell me what you think. Have you ever heard of anything like this? I did read that back in 2012 a 35-year-old man was found dead standing up but he was also leaning against his kitchen cupboard. This man is standing straight up with no support. Not to mention rigor mortis usually takes from two to six hours to set in. So what the efffff. I am so confuzzled, y’all.

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45 thoughts on “Man Dies Standing Up, Instant riGOREmortis

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  1. I’m not a doc or anything like this but i think he has catatonia. It is a psychiatric disease where the person remains immobile indefinitely.

    They used to have heaps of them in asylums like Bedlam in Victorian Britain.

    This is the quickest one I have heard of.

    If he was dead he would have almost certainly have dropped.

    • My fave psych disease is fugue, where person ups and leaves loved ones ,disappears and starts a new life and identity.It is all unconscious though ,there is no voluntary hiding from wife etc.

      It is a disease and person honestly does not know what they are doing. Quite sad.

      It is devastating to their family left behind.They cant get over it as they find it worse than person dying.That, they kind of accept in time ,like we all do deaths of our loved ones.

      • Haha yes funny @re-pete.

        Seriously speaking though, these catatonics don’t move even if you kick them in the balls. See how stiff the fucker is,he is like a board!

        Anyway,they dont move even though they seem to be aware of the their brain says ,fuck i feel a kick in the balls,ouch !! and yet their diseased brain wont let them react by withdrawing.

        What a world! Look at the size of him! Built like a brick shithouse as they say!

  2. Don’t worry Guys, he just “sharted” in his pants and he’s tryin’ not to move in case it spills out of his undies. I know because I’ve been there before… ; )

    • He does kinda’ have that uh-oh look like when you drink a gallon of that herbal senna tea crap and you’re a half hour from work and you have a roadside emergency 😉

  3. I found these, @yournextexgirl. One is a condition called myotonia congenita. It also is a condition goats have where they seize up and fall over, similar to a faint, but they don’t lose consciousness. Just a guess.

    Another similar condition is hyperkalemic periodic paralysis.

    Those are ones I’ve seen so far. *shrug*

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