Man Still Alive After Training

Lots of bloody good gore here! A man got hit by a train and managed to survive, although now sans legs. His lower appendages have been completely shredded and mangled and ripped off, leaving a bloody mess and agony for this poor chap. I especially like the pic of the rescue worker on his phone haha. Like, hold up buddy, I gotta text my wife back. I believe this was a legit accident and not a suicide attempt but still, he might be in enough pain to wish he was dead right now.

Props to @mrspink!

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16 thoughts on “Man Still Alive After Training

  1. Holy shit! How the fuck did this happen,i wonder? Was this really am accident,like Asian jackass gone wrong,or,well it’s not for ssi purposes,they don’t have that shit in other countries,and by the looks of dude,he needs his legs to work/survive..Many thanks @mrspink pink for the bloody gore.. Many thanks @obli for the awesome post,yet again! ❤

  2. Haha! Training. He failed basic training, obedience training, potty training and special training (when we were in school, they had one classroom for all the special needs students, it was called Special Training, we called it the retard class, looking back, how horrible we were). 😉

    • Now he’s gonna have to go to the “suicide survivors re-education camp” where he’ll be allowed to make himself a little plywood pad with four little wheels for him to push himself around on, @borntorun.
      The “Retard Class” I do recall, as well as the “short Bus”. Sounds like the school you went to was for dogs though. I remember “special ed” being the class name. ; ) And I agree, kids can be cruel, but you overcame that and feel it now. Some people never do… I try to avoid them as adults. They have become the retards.

      • @theluvmuscle Hey man, congrats on last weeks win, nice job! This guy could be quite the commuter on his plywood skateboard, just grab onto the bumper of a car or bus and scoot your way around town very cheaply. I’m sure he’d steer clear of the RR crossings now after that bad experience. Yeah, those morons that would pick on someone with mental issues really need to be called out for the horrible people they are.

        • I think that once he heals up, he’s gonna be heading down to the train tracks for a second go at it. But, I wonder, do all those people who chop themselves in half at the waist know something about committing suicide on train tracks that we don’t know? @borntorun

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